Birthday Poems

Children, grandchildren, and grandparents enjoy receiving birthday poems written specifically for them. Jane-Ann Heitmueller has generously contributed to Nana’s Corner Poems collection once again with three of her original birthday poems. Send one of these birthday poems to your favorite five-, nine-, or 100-year-old to help celebrate their next birthday in a very special way!


Today you’re five…
Let’s celebrate with ice cream, gifts and cake,
And all the hugs and kisses that a five year old can take!
We’ll sing a happy birthday song,
And dance around the floor,
And wish you have a special day,
And many, many more!

Johnny’s Birthday

Johnny’s got a birthday and he’s going to be nine.
He’s throwing a party, so be sure that you’re on time.
You don’t want to miss his cake made of marshmallow fluff,
and the licorice ice cream or his gooey candy stuff.
Please don’t bring a present, ‘cause he’s gonna give you one.
He decided this idea would be a lot more fun.
If it rains don’t worry, that’s what mud puddles are for,
Just so you don’t track across his mom’s clean kitchen floor!
Bring along your climbing boots, he’s got a neat tree house,
But don’t bring your cat with you to eat Gertrude, his mouse.
Tuck in your warm jammies if you want to spend the night
And some ammunition for a wild pillow fight.
Johnny’s so excited and not certain he can wait.
Being eight was lots of fun, but nine’s gonna be great!
Mark it on your calendar so you can come and play,
And help Johnny celebrate his awesome ninth birthday.

One Hundred Years

A hundred years. How can it be?
What an amazing feat!
An age so very few of us can ever hope to meet.
Your quiet life example has touched others through the years,
Brought comfort to down trodden hearts, created smiles from tears.
Your soft, warm touch has stilled the soul that yearned for inner calm,
Delivering a peacefulness, a tranquil soothing balm.
You’ve listened with a caring heart, been there for all our needs.
A true example you have set, with actions and with deeds.
Today, with pride, we honor one who guides us every day,
Returning all the love you’ve shown in your own special way.

Birthday Poems by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

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