Grandparents, I have a new fun, safe website for you to visit together with your grandchildren!

Ziggity Zoom,  a children’s fun and educational site, is launching their new site this weekend. If you have grandchildren in the 2 – 8 age group, you’ll love Ziggity Zoom! The creators have included original characters, fun activities, printable reward charts and coloring pages, and more. As I mentioned, the Ziggity Zoom is new which means they will be adding new content on a regular basis with some fun, animated games included. They will grow along with your grandchildren!

Ziggity Zoom will have audio available for the stories by the end of May and we will also offer the entire site in Spanish by the end of the summer. This summer they will launch their interactive playworlds where your grandchildren will be able to interact with their favorite Ziggity Zoom characters.

Kristin Fitch, one of the founders of Ziggity Zoom states, “While there are many kids’ sites, most include a lot of content that is distracting to preschoolers and it is difficult for young kids to find what they are looking for: easy to do activities, games, coloring and entertaining things to look at that they can figure out.  We wanted a very simple, yet colorful site that really is for the kids and easy for preschoolers to navigate.  Although we do have a parents’ section, the parent areas are only accessible through text links and they are not in the main navigation which is mainly for the kids.”

Grandparents, visit Ziggity Zoom @  and have some fun with your grandchildren!