When a grandparent passes, we show our grief in many different ways because we are different from one another. Nana is a special poem, not because it is entitled Nana, but because my mother-in-law, mother of 5, grandmother of 10, great-grandmother of 11, and great-great-grandmother of 4, will soon pass onto Heaven. Because she suffers from Alzheimers, she does not know that her children and grandchildren have visited, weeded her garden, planted her favorite summertime flowers, and said their goodbyes. They will miss her dearly, we all will but we believe she will be in a place where there is no illness, lots of friends, and her long missed husband. We have cried for her loss, her loss of her life as she knew it. At her funeral, we will cry not for her, but for us…for our loss…for our loss of a warm, loving mother and grandmother…our MomMom.


One single tear
I have not shed,
Not at the funeral or sitting on my bed,
I was not sad, I was not mad.
I did not cry, not one single tear.
Well as I am sitting here on this day,
two years after you went away,
Finally Nana, finally for you,
I will shed one Single Tear.

~ Clairebear ~
“Nana Poem” posted on Alzheimer’s Online Community