wallaroohatMother’s Day will be here very soon! Do you need Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that are unique and show that you put some thought into finding the right gift for your mother or grandmother? I actually own and use the Mother’s Day Gifts listed below. If your mother, or grandmother, enjoys family photos, cooking, the outdoors, and exercising, I think your mother might enjoy receiving these gifts for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or for any gift giving occasion. I recommend that you visit the related websites to get more information about the products and to find where to purchase them. Happy Shopping!


Sydney Diva Wallaroo HatDoes your mom enjoy spending her time outdoors during the summer months? Protect mom’s hair and delicate skin with a Wallaroo hat. The Aussie-inspired Wallaroo Hat Company offers a line of stylish hats with a built-in Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+, defending mom’s tresses from the harsh, drying rays. The crushable hats can easily be packed in her favorite beach tote and are a fashionably smart way to top off her beach ensemble. For last minute shopping, use their store locator!

Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren, 5th Edition

A wonderful resource written by Sue Johnson, Julie Carlson, and Elizabeth Bower for every grandparent filled with fun activities that are sure to create memorable moments for both grandparents and their grandchildren. Signed copies are available from their website or can be purchased at Barnes & Noble. (NanasCorner.com can be found among their list of resources.) Visit www.grandloving.com to learn more.


Looking for a wonderful, affordable and original Mother’s Day gift idea? FastPencil offers an amazing DIY gem for those looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift. You can write a short message, handful of poems and create a glossy photo book filled with personal anecdotes. You can import family photos and manipulate and edit them using FastPencil’s Color Book Creator™. Users can even share their work and collaborate with other family members and friends. A 40 page full-color photo book will only run around $10 a copy. For the Mother’s Day, FastPencil is now offering 20% off of all color books! Just enter “Mother10” during check out. (Offer Expires May 15th so hurry!)


This grandmother owns a pair of Trim Treads which I think will make a fun gift for the busy Mom or Grandmom who wants to get back in shape for summer. The most affordable, efficient and effective exercise shoe on the market, Trim Treads offers a realistic approach for toning their legs, creating a stronger core, diminishing cellulite and reducing unsightly spider veins in just 30 minutes a day.Visit www.trimtreads.com to find out how these easy to use fitness shoes work and where to find them.


Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates Accelerator uses a unique interchangeable combination of resistance cords, hand weights and weighted bars providing 200 unique strength-building moves that deliver real results people will notice. Plus, it’s compact, portable and goes anywhere so Mom never has to miss a workout! The Accelerator is used to sculpt and tone from head to toe. I’ve been using this to tone my flabby arms, stomach, and arms. The DVDs help guide me through the varied workouts. I’m getting ready for summer! Visit Mari Winsor’s site for more information.


Secrets of a Skinny Chef by Jennifer Iserloh is my all time favorite cookbook because it offers healthy recipes for some of my favorite dishes and others I can’t wait to try. I’m not one to try “gourmet” type recipes – this cookbook is one that the average cook will find enjoyable to receive. There are many healthy cooking tips throughout the cookbook, too. Jennifer will teach mom how to cook the food she craves without the hard struggle of dieting and deprivation – knowing how to substitute healthier ingredients is all it takes. I’m using Secrets of a Skinny Chef while dieting and it’s making weightloss fun! Available at bookstores and her website which has lots of tips.


Do you have a Mother or Grandmother who enjoys cooking but has difficulty using measuring spoons, cups, or bowls because of arthritis or poor eyesight? POURfect has what she needs. The POURfect product line is extremely ergonomic and light-weight making it easier for people with arthritis and carpal tunnel to grip them and the POURfect measuring cups and spoons feature enlarged measurements in English, Metric and Braille for cooking enthusiasts requiring assisted living products. The curved edges help prevent spills, too. Plus all POURfect Products are dishwasher and microwave safe and made in the USA! I like using mine with my granddaughters. They’re great for cooking with children because the handles are wider making them easier to use for small hands. Check out their website to see the many colors and products.

Disclosure: I do not receive any commission if you purchase the above Mother’s Day Gifts described above.