Yesterday, I finalized our summer beach house rental reservations – the same as I have for the past two summers. I learned last summer that in planning a family summer vacation, Nana must be prepared for days of rainy weather so that everyone will equally enjoy our days inside together, as well as those on the beach and at the carnival.

Last summer we were stuck inside for several days due to extremely rainy weather. I hadn’t planned ahead for such days because we had totally sunny days the year before and thought a few showers wouldn’t dampen our.

Rainy Days Rained Out! What to do?

But I was wrong! In August we had our two young granddaughters with us, aged 9 and 4, so beyond a few games we brought, time was becoming very boring. The local movie house was nearby but the afternoon movies were not appropriate for kids that young. The days were even too rainy to enjoy browsing the local stores and, of course, the children’s theatre was sold out, too. This year I am planning more than enough activities that the whole family can enjoy in case we get weathered in again.

Summer Vacation Rainy Day Activities – Kids

Activities we can all do with the kids or they can do themselves, if they choose, are: making jewelry, painting masterpieces, having an indoor scavenger hunt, telling stories that we make up together, playing I See Something…, making crafts, planning and cooking special meals or desserts, and more. Each child can request to have a favorite activity included. Ask each family to bring things to do that can be shared.

Summer Vacation Rainy Day Activities – Grownups

So, after the kids are in bed, what will the grown-ups do? We are going to have a  Family Summer Poker Tournament. To eliminate some disagreements beforehand, I’m putting together a list of basic poker rules that I’ll send to each adult family member and they’ll have the chance to refute, edit, and/or add to. Once our family’s poker rules are finalized, we’ll all have time to be familiar with them and plan for a fun time together.

Family Fun Vacation Poker Tournament

For our Family Summer Vacation Poker Tournament, each participant must follow these poker rules:

1. Wear dark sunglasses

2. Create a character personna, including an original hat

3. BYOB (very important – no one will be driving)

4. Contribute a snack of choice

5. Know how to play texas holdem

6. All bets will be in the form of gold covered chocolate coins (buy after St. Patrick’s Day)

7. Our Family Summer Vacation Poker Tournament will be held four out of seven nights during the two vacation weeks we are together (one in July and one in August).

I’m very much looking forward to our Family Summer Vacation Poker Tournament becoming a fun summer vacation tradition!