Good household bag sealers are hard to come by, but I had the good fortune to receive two household bag sealers to try out in my own kitchen. The Banana Seal and the Record-O-Clip kept food fresh, saved money, helped the environment…and one reminded us to stay out of the not so healthy snacks! I think you will enjoy using these two household bag sealers because they are also easy to use – so easy your grandchildren can use the Banana Seal and Record-O-Clip, too.

Banana Seal

How annoying is it when you finally have time to relax with your favorite snack and find it is stale or lost its flavor? Was it because what you used to seal the bag let air in or popped off or came undone? If that happens to you, I’ve found the solution and this is how I happen to have found it:

I received an email asking if I would review a product called Banana Seal. There was the usual description and a few photos of the product.  I didn’t respond to the email because it looked awkward to use.  A couple of weeks had gone by when I received a second email asking if I would consider trying Banana Seal and writing a review. My response was that I thought it looked as if it might be difficult to use since I have some arthritis in my hands. The response I received assured me it wouldn’t be and offered to send me a sample to discover this for myself. I agreed…I had nothing to lose since it wouldn’t take much time at all to use the Banana Seal…I am so glad I did! We love it!!

Well, I used it, my husband used it, my granddaughters used it, and my family all gave it a try when they were here for a birthday dinner. Everyone was convinced…Banana Seal is very easy to use. And, since I’ve been using this great household bag sealer for a few months now, I can truly tell you that our snacks have stayed fresh! And, since there are just the two of us empty-nesters in the house, it takes a while before we finish a bag of pretzels or chips or frozen foods. Because they keep the dog food fresh, too, we can buy larger bags which saves us money and helps the environment.

All I had to do to use it is flatten the top, empty portion of the bag, place one half of the Banana Seal across the back and lay the insert piece across the front and press in with little effort.

The reasons I like the Banana Seal are:

  • Ease of use – kids can use it, too, so there’s no excuse in leaving a bag open in the cupboard.
  • Safety – there are no sharp edges, springs, or wire ends…and keeps the bugs out
  • Saves money – maintains freshness and saves you money since the food lasts longer
  • Size – different lengths easily fit most bag widths including larger pet food bags
  • Environmentally friendly – no need to transfer food to another bag to seal in freshness and the Banana Seal can be used over and over

Banana Seal can be purchased (at the time of this writing) from, Target, and Rite Aid. I recommend the 18-pack Banana Seal Tube.


Do you sometimes need reminders to do things, or NOT do things…like NOT to eat those chips?  Do the kids need reminders as to what snacks they should eat after school?  I was sent for review a sample bag sealer that can do just that for you. The Record-O-Clip not only helps to keep food fresh, it can be hung on the refrigerator, filing cabinet, or anywhere magnets can be used. What make this clip different is that a 17-second message can be recorded on it…and it can be changed as often as you’d like.


Here are some suggestions on how the Record-O-Clip can be used:

  • Leave an “I Love You” message for your love ones when you can’t be with them – hang the Record-O-Clip on the refrigerator with a picture of you
  • On a diet? It talks back to you when you need it the most – Leave yourself motivating messages or reminders as to what you should eat
  • Have older kids that get home before you?  Remind them to do their homework and chores, let them know when you’ll be home, or any other message the might need – leave the Record-O-Clip on their favorite snack
  • Have the kids record a message for the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus
  • Grandkids can record a special message and clip the Record-O-Clip to a photo of themselves or special art work and send it off to their Grandparents

The possibilities are endless on how you can use the Record-O-Clip. I tell myself to go exercise for 30 minutes before I have a healthy snack – reminders I need to hear every day!