Last week I received a request to write a poem from a grandchild to her grandmother (Nana). The grandchild and her family must move away because her Daddy is in the Navy. Her Nana will miss her terribly, as we can all relate to her despair. Being a distant grandparent can be a challenge, but also fun too with the use of technology that is available to us.

Nana, I’ll Miss You, A Poem to Grandmother

This poem, Nana, I’ll Miss You, reassures Nana that her grandaughter won’t forget her because they can visit each other using their computers and webcams making it possible to still have some special moments together. Today’s technology is great for distant grandparenting.

Present the poem and grandaughter’s picture in a frame with a webcam if her computer doesn’t have a built in webcam. Nana will be able to feel more connected with her grandaughter and visit with her as often as possible.  Add a digital photo key chain, too, for all those grandchild pictures you’ll send her…she can take it everywhere with her and show everyone easily without carrying a big photo album in her bag!  (click here for my post on web cam and digital key chain information)

Nana, I’ll Miss You

Far away we must move,
It’s what my Daddy has to do.

The distance shouldn’t matter,
‘Cause our love won’t ever shatter.

Our hearts will always be together,
No matter what or wherever.

Please don’t have any regrets,
For I will never ever forget.

You must know I’ll miss you,
Because of all that you do.

Even though I’ll be far away,
I’ll send you kisses every day.

You and I are only as far as the computer,
All we need is a webcam and a router.

We’ll enjoy stories, games, and giggles,
You and I can dance to the Wiggles.

We can chat, play, and sing,
We can show our favorite things.

Although there are many miles,
We’ll still be able to share our smiles.

What to you I’m trying to say,
Nana, I’m really not very far away.

~ ©Nana’s Corner, 2008 ~

Webcam Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren to Stay Connected

The following activities will help stay close and connected with your grandchild using a webcam, Internet, computer program, and a digital camera.

We take digital pictures of us and silly pictures of our Chihuahua/beagle dog, Buddy, and send them with email messages. Sometimes we make eCards and send them to their email account. We make a special calendar page at the beginning of each month for the girls with pictures of all of us on the top page. They hang them in their room so they can see us when they wake up and go to bed at night.

Here are more digital distance grandparents’ activities that you can do to stay connected with your grandchildren:

  • Using FaceTime, Zoom, SnapChat, ooVoo, Skype or other apps using a webcam on your computer, iPhone, Chromebook, or tablet: read a bedtime story, say goodnight, view Halloween or dance costumes, lost tooth, prom gown, haircuts, awards, etc. (Your  schoolage grandchildren are very familiar with at least one of these – using them with their homeschooling during this COVID-19 virus causing schools to be closed.)
  • Digital pictures: send, print, and hang on the refrigerator
  • Make special photo books using an online program.
  • Digital photo album pages of trips, friends, artwork, birthdays, events, etc. posted online to share
  • Online interactive multiplayer games
  • Learn together how to make a digital video of you doing your favorite things, visiting your favorite places, giving cooking lesson, etc. and burn it on a DVD to send = don’t forget to use sound – send a special message at the end
  • Write a story together via email – taking turns to add to the story
  • Write a journal on a private blog you share with each other – grandparents tell about when they were growing up – grandchildren tell about their week
  • Find a story online, set a “reading date” and both read it – then discuss it using Google talk – take turns picking the books
  • Design a special T-shirt together online: graphics, sayings such as: Kaitlin’s Nana and Nana’s Kaitlin; I love Nana and I love Kaitlin – use the heart symbol for love – use a digital picture for the middle of the heart
  • Create a photo calendar (use highest quality digital photos) of you and your grandchildren for each month (even if you aren’t in the same pictures, you can be on the same page next to each other – you can also layer your grandchild’s picture on top of yours so it looks like you are together)
  • Legally download your favorite songs and burn onto a CD or make one of your grandchild’s favorite songs
  • Plan an Internet scavenger hunt for your grandchildren, then have them do the same for you
  • Find step-by-step kids recipes, choose one, and make together in front of webcam at the same time while talking on a speaker phone – almost like being together in the kitchen – or take digital pictures of the meal and share them
  • Search for coloring pages that you would like your grandchild to color. Send the link via email and ask her/him to print it, color it, and send it to you. See if it can be saved to the paint program file and color it using the computer mouse.
  • The New Year is a great time to start. Collect 12 months of mementos then send a special surprise (snail mail) in December – make a scrapbook with copies of all the activities you shared including the artwork, stories, photos, journal pages, recipes along with a letter to your grandchildren telling them how much you enjoyed your digital distance activities.