When I was 8 yrs old, my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She lived until I was 18, she was just 50. At that time, there was very little help for either of us. In fact, my mother suffered with headaches for at least 5 years before her diagnosis. They had told her it was her “nerves” and depression. She was sent away to sanitariums…I was too young to understand why. I can only imagine now, how frustrating and depressing it must have been for her. My mother probably knew it wasn’t her “nerves.”

As I grew up, I often thought about finding a way to help other children as myself, but I didn’t know how or where to turn to. Thankfully, Cancer Research has made great strides in early detection and treatment of the many forms of cancer. Even so, children need emotional help just the same.


Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful new book by a young author, Taylor Rice. The book is My Cancer Mommy.  Taylor was only seven months old when her Mommy, DeAnna, was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. When she was seven years old, her Mommy was diagnosed with the BRCA cancer gene and was diagnosed with her third cancer.


“I didn’t know what cancer was but it scared me. I just wanted to help other kids whose mommies were sick,” said Taylor, about why she wrote My Cancer Mommy. Taylor is now 8 years old and lives in California with her parents.

In her book, My Cancer Mommy, Taylor shares what it is like for her having a mother who undergoes surgery and chemotherapy. Taylor has also included a Key Words section with definitions, a section to write down questions, and four pages for recording Special Memories. The book is colorfully illustrated by Russian children’s artist, Olga Matushkina, who generously donated her time and talent.

My Cancer Mommy is available in hard cover for a Suggested Retail Price of $24.95, including shipping and handling. Proceeds help support Moms with Cancer. To order My Cancer Mommy, go to www.mycancermommy.com, www.momswithcancer.org. DeAnna is currently in negotiations with other leading online booksellers to carry My Cancer Mommy.

About Moms With Cancer:


Started by DeAnna Rice, Moms with Cancer is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose primary goal is addressing the special needs of Moms dealing with cancer treatments and recovery.

A cancer diagnosis can financially and emotionally devastate some families. The extra deductibles, co-pays, tests, and medications are very costly.

Moms with Cancer believes that any mom battling this disease deserves extra support and as such, there are no financial requirements to qualify for services. The only prerequisite is that the recipient must be living with at least one dependent child.

If you know of a child whose Mom has cancer, please let Taylor share her story. Order the book, My Cancer Mommy, and also help other Moms with Cancer.