Mother’s Day Poems. I am pleased to share another heartfelt Mother’s Day poem from daughter by contributor, Jane-Ann Heitmueller, entitled The Empty Chair. For the many of us who hold our Mother’s love in our hearts since time has taken her away, the Mother’s Day Poem from daughter, The Empty Chair will evoke the memory of her warmth and affection and how we, as mothers and grandmothers ourselves, can fill her chair by passing on her love.

As we read through Mother’s Day poems from daughter, thoughts of our own mothers bring emotions that really have never left our heart. My mother passed away when I was just 18, but I enjoyed a relationship with my mother-in-law. She was MomMom, a warm, loving grandmother to her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My one granddaughter, Emily, was very young when her great-grandmother passed away. But she had a special attachment to her MomMom. She speaks about her, remembers to ask to visit her grave, and last year planted a flowering shrub. Emily is now 10 and I feel that special loving relationship she had with her MomMom is one that she also shares with me. I love them all, but the one who is the first to give me hugs, sit next to me, share her stories with, style my hair, and send me texts is Emily.

Emily remembers her great-grandmother’s love and I hope that she remembers my love as she grows into a beautiful young woman, mother, and grandmother, herself.

Mother’s Day Poems

The Empty Chair

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

My parlor holds an empty chair that stirs my memory so,
reminders of my childhood no matter where I go.

The rhythm of my days took shape upon my mother’s knee,
As in her wisdom she directed what my life would be.

Those times when Mama held me as she hummed a lullaby
or days we rocked in solitude just gazing toward the sky.

Calm quietness her motion brought to quell my flowing tears,
such special memories of this chair throughout the passing years.

I’ve comforted my little ones in this worn oaken chair,
so they would feel, as I once did, a mother’s strength and care,

It shall remain for those who seek warm arms and tender hearts,
because this aging empty chair is where love truly starts.