An original Mother’s Day poem is a priceless, personalized gift that no one can ever replace. Giving Mother (Grandmother, Nana, Aunt) an original thank you Mother’s Day poem written from your heart is a wonderful way to let Mom (Grandmom, Grandma, Great-Grandmother) know she is special and how much you love and appreciate her.

An Original Mother’s Day Poem

The following Mother’s Day poem, Thank You Mom, was submitted by a Nana’s Corner reader, Debbie Bongiovanni. A big Nana Hug from me to Debbie!


submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni

Thank you Mom, For everything you have done,
Thank you Mom, For making each day so much fun.

Thank you Mom, For showing me the way,
Thank you Mom, For smiling every day.

Thank you Mom, For always being there,
Thank you Mom, For showing how much you care.

Thank you Mom, You’re the very best,
Thank you Mom, Because you’re none like the rest.

So this day is so special, Because you’re so special too,
Just remember one thing, That I do love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you would like to submit an original poem for publication, please leave a comment below and I will contact you.