A Mother’s Day poem memoir, A Mother’s Poem by Katrina Kenison, is one of the best I’ve shared. It is a mother’s memoir, reminiscent of the years gone by and looking forward to the years to come. This is a must read for all mothers and grandmothers. Warning, it will make you tear. Fathers and grandfathers will need a tissue nearby, too. The Family Circle review says it much better than I can.

Mother’s Day Poem Memoir | A Mother’s Poem

The perfect Mother’s Day poem memoir…please take the time to watch the video below as Katrina Kenison recites A Mother’s Poem. This heart-warming poem is from her book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day, a Mother’s Memoir. It is a sentimental look at the stages of childhood and adolescence that pass all too quickly, wishing we could relive the moments we shared with our children. I’m sure you can relate to her emotions. I know I can as we look back to when our children, and now grandchildren, were younger.

The Gift of an Ordinary Day, A Mother’s Memoir

This eloquent book is subtitled “A Mother’s Memoir,” but that’s not giving Kenison’s chronicle of her sons’ increasing independence its full due. It’s also about longing and fulfillment, taking stock of failures and achievements, a search for the elusive “something more” of one’s existence and a reminder that life’s seemingly mundane moments are often where we find beauty, grace and transformation. (Family Circle magazine)

The Gift of an Ordinary Day, A Mother’s Memoir is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift from a grandmother to a granddaughter, daughter, or daughter-in-law on Mother’s Day.

Have you ever thought of writing A Mother’s Memoir or A Mother’s Poem for your children? Reader’s Digest offers 5 Tips for Writing Your Memoir.  Tip #3 definitely will make it more interesting…
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