Mother’s Day poem from a son or grandson. This Mother’s Day poem from a son or grandson to Mother or Grandmother can be sent not only on Mother’s Day, but also on her birthday or any other day that a son or grandson may want to express his love and appreciation. I received this poem on a card from my son on Mother’s Day…when I was finished there were tears in my eyes. Give a framed poem with a photo of mother and son or grandmother and grandson together from the past or present, or of son and his loving family for a treasured gift.

Mother’s Day Poem from a Son or Grandson

Sons outgrow their toys,
their tall tales, their treasure maps.
They get too tall
to sleep in their own beds.
They call home with their deep voices,
sounding like men.

Sons talk about grown up goals
and laugh about boyish dreams.
But for encouragement, for advice, for hugs…
for wisdom, home-cooked meals,
and love –

Sons will always, always, always
need their mothers (grandmothers).

I’ll never outgrow you, Mom (grandmom).
Love you so much,
Happy Mother’s Day!

Send custom made photo cards with a special poem throughout the year to share special memories with Mother and Grandmother, not just on Mother’s Day. Have you tried writing a Mother’s Day poem from a son or grandson to give as a very special, one of a kind gift?