It’s Mother’s Day and you need a quick poem or message for your daughter or granddaughter!

Mother’s Day Poem for a Daughter

If time is short, copy and paste the poem into an email or on your facebook page. For those who have more time to be creative, print the poem onto cardstock and combine it with a photo of the two of you together. This would make a wonderful gift that daughter or granddaughter will always cherish and take with her wherever she may go. For more ideas, see the link below…

A Poem for My Daughter (Granddaughter)

Bringing up a daughter (granddaughter)
can be a challenge and a joy –

a challenge when you think
of all the things you want for her –
security and independence,
maturity, self-confidence and love…

…and a joy when she turns out like you –
a daughter who has so many wonderful qualities,
who means so much more than you ever thought possible,
who gives love in more ways than you ever imagined.

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