Mother’s Day Messages Found

Our downsizing clean-out found treasures from years past. Mother’s Day messages were among the many pieces of their artwork. It was a happy day, but also a sad day. My mother’s guilt has surfaced once again. As the saying goes when downsizing, “You can’t take it (all) with you.” With each toss away, my heart broke.

We are moving to a smaller house in a 55+ community. What does this require? Lots of downsizing depression and guilt. We saved handmade valentines, birthday cards, Christmas ornaments, Easter pictures, and those on the backs of placemats among all of the other special keepsakes from our kids and grandkids.

Even though the papers are torn and crumbling in places, smelling of age, Mother’s Day messages and colors fading…we can still feel the love and excitement that came with each…and the love and appreciation that we gave in return.  Thank goodness for the grandkids…they keep the love and excitement coming and those special memories alive.


I’ve chosen four messages from cards my children gave to me in their earlier adult years. Although these Mother’s Day messages are copyrighted, I’m sure they will help inspire you to write special meaningful Mother’s Day messages for the “moms” in your life. A “mom” is any woman who has helped guide and nurture you with love, understanding, and respect through your years.

Mother’s Day Message #1

This Mother’s Day, I want to tell you all the things I sometimes forget to say…


Sometimes I may forget to say “I love you” for all the times that only you understood what I was feeling.

Sometimes I may forget to say “Thank you” for every time you helped me understand the disappointments and triumphs of life.

Sometimes I may forget to say “I’m sorry” for all the mistakes I’ve made that caused you so much worry…

Sometimes I may forget to say “I need you” because I’m trying to be independent and do certain things on my own.

That doesn’t mean I don’t need you, because I know that, no matter what, you will always be there for me; it just means that I want to accomplish it myself, without having to ask for help.

There is something I could never forget, though, and that’s knowing that throughout my life, you’ve shown me gentleness, patience, understanding, and love.

Sheila Ann McKinney, Blue Mountain Arts 

Mother’s Day Message #2

I know I was never the easiest kid, I probably drove you half crazy.

But with effort and patience and wisdom and love, somehow you managed to raise me.

Now that I’m grown, looking back on your love, I’m more grateful than ever before.

Thanks to you, Mom, I am wholly prepared for anything life has in store.

You’re the best.

Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Message #3

Boys outgrow their toys, their tall tales, their treasure maps.

They get too tall to sleep in their own beds.

They call home with their deep voices, sounding like men.

They talk about new, grown-up goals and laugh about boyish dreams.

But the encouragement, for advice, for hugs…for wisdom home-cooked meals, and love – boys will always, always need their mothers.

I’ll never outgrow you, Mom.

Love you so much.

Happy Mother’s Day


(with an extra note: Happy Mother’s Day Mom  I love you so much for so many reasons. You’re always there for me and I hope to be as good a dad as you are a mom.)

Mother’s Day Message #4


I want you to know that you’re as great at being a friend as you’ve always been at being a mom.

The same warmth that was there for me when I was little is there for me now when I need a little encouragement or ego boost.

The same cheerleading and belief in me when I was in school is there for me now, just as needed and just as appreciated.

We’re so close that I consider you not only my mom but my lifelong friend – the one I’m always going to need and love.

Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day 2018

What are your plans for your mom on Mother’s Day? Since we will be moving out of our home of 36 years, our children and grandchildren are coming over to help with the downsizing clean-out that seems to have no ending.  One project is to sort through the way too many photos we’ve accumulated. Another source of mother’s guilt…I find it just too difficult to part with any of them!

Happy Mother’s Day!