Will Michelle Obama’s fashion trends influence our Christmas gift buying?

As a young teen in the early 60’s, I remember hearing about the fashion style of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Jackie was a fashion trend setter, one who even influenced me the Spring before President Kennedy died. I well remember feeling quite grown up in my pale blue suit and pill box hat on Easter Sunday. Pillbox hats were popular because of their simplicity and elegance.

And now, young girls and women alike have the positive fashion influence of our present First Lady, Michelle Obama.  Wherever she goes, her fashion style is in the news.  US News & World Report  posted an article about her simple and elegant style of wearing a J. Crew cardigan and pencil skirt. Don’t forget the fashion influence she has had by wearing simple, classic sleeveless dresses, too. Now many of us are diligently toning our upper arms!

Stylish fashion can be fun, too.  Michelle Obama has shown us this side of her fashion sense by adding fun accessories.  Just a few months ago, Michelle Obama and daughters, Malia and Sasha, were photographed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Our First Lady was attractively dressed as usual.  On her wrist was a purple Toy Watch  from the Neon Plasteramic collection which now seems to be the newest watch sensation for Fall and Christmas.  ToyWatch Plasteramic looks just like a classic ceramic watch but is made out of plastic.

My granddaughter’s favorite collection is the  newest watch collection from ToyWatch -the Jelly Watch Collection. Rubber watch straps and modular cases mix and match to make 72 color combinations allowing you to design your own.  My daughter told me: “They remind me of the “must have” watch sensation of the 1980’s – the Swatch Watch. These are very cool and fun!!!….so many different styles…like the ad says…”something for everyone”. I would wear one…I saw a few right away that I liked.”

In spite of the recession, as stated in Glamor Magazine, Michelle Obama has had a huge influence on the retail fashion industry. Read the Glamour article to find the 7 fashion trends the former First Lady has influenced. If she wears it, it becomes a fashion trend “must have”. Will the Toy Watch continue to be a “must have” on Christmas wish lists?

Only time will tell….