When asked what it is like to be a grandparent, I explain that it is the best…there is nothing like it in this world…it is a feeling that can’t be completely expressed in words…you have to be a grandparent to understand. Loving a Grandchild poem helps to express how I feel each time I’m with Kailtin and Emily.

Loving a Grandchild

Loving a grandchild is
like none other.
It’s not quite the same as
being a mother.

You love your children,
each one is unique,
But the love of a
grandchild, will sweep
you off your feet.

They look up at you,
with their cute little
grins, touching your
heart deep within.

They’re sweet little angels
sent from up above,
and they warm your heart
with unconditional love.

~ Deb Miller ~