An Ode to My Wife is the perfect love poem for a husband to give to his wife on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.
The following poem is a sentimental, romantic love poem from a husband of many years to his wife. I can appreciate this love poem, especially since I have been married to the same man for over 38 years. If my husband gave this love poem to me on Valentine’s Day or our anniversary, it would truly bring sentimental tears of love and joy.

An Ode to My Wife

If I could just turn back the time
To when I heard you say,
That I could be your shining prince
And all the dragons slay,
I’d build a castle on the hill
So all the world could see,
The lovely princess that I chose,
To live and die with me.

If I could just turn back the time
And start my life anew,
I’d plant some roses near the paths
That I have led you through:
There’d be no thorns to pierce your heart,
No tears to dim your eyes,
I’d leave no stones to bruise your feet,
there’d be no sad goodbyes.

But Father Time will not turn back
The hours that passed away.
I can’t remove the thorns and rocks
From all those past gone days;
I cannot live my life again
But dragons I would slay,
If I could be your shining prince
For only one more day.

Author: Anonymous