Valentine’s Day is soon to be here. If you are searching for love poems to find special Valentine poems for your special loved one, please read this original love poem written by Jane-Ann Heitmueller.

love poems

Love’s Voice

The words, I love you, are just that,
They’re simply words alone.
But I believe that love’s not love
Until it’s truly shown.

It’s shown when we take time to listen
To another’s heart, or when we leave out path
To help another with his part.

We see love in a caring touch, or in a
Sincere tone.
It’s shown when someone changes pace,
So we won’t be alone.

Love can be shown with misty eyes, a hug
Or just a glance.
It’s even seen by the mere posture one
Shows in his stance.

A simple pat, a nod, a smile, these things
Have silent voice;
Yet they speak loudly of their love, because
They’re made by choice.

So just remember every day, your love is
On display,
With all your deeds and actions… not just
By the words you say.

Jane-Ann Heitmueller