Love can be expressed in many ways. Often a love poem is the most popular form of professing one’s love for another. Chelsea Clinton was married today to Marc Mezvinsky in an interfaith ceremony on an estate, Astor Courts, a couple of hours north of New York City.  After the exchange of vows and rings, the bride and groom read aloud a brief love poem, “The Life That I Have,” by Leo Marks, the late British codebreaker, according to the Associated Press. I’m sure this poem will become a popular love poem to be read during many wedding ceremonies or from one lover to another for Valentines Day or renewing vows to celebrate an anniversary…or the poem may even be read at a funeral in remembrance of a special loving relationship.

The Life That I Have

The life that I have,

Is all that I have,

And the life that I have,

Is yours.

The love that I have,

Of the life that I have,

Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have,

A rest I shall have,

Yet death will be but a pause,

For the peace of my years,

In the long green grass,

Will be yours and yours and yours.

~ Leo Marks ~

May Chelsea and Marc continue to celebrate love in life and beyond.