Santa Claus Letters Q & A: How do I get a personalized letter from Santa sent to my child?

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Santa Claus Letters

Do It Yourself Personalized Santa Claus Letters

Nana’s Corner had its first visitors on December 5, 2007. There were just 5 visitors…one was from Santa Claus. No, not one of Santa’s elves. Nana’s Corner’s visitor was from Santa Claus, Indiana. The town contains almost a dozen year-round Santa statues. The Santa Claus post office postmarks about 500,000 holiday cards and another half-million Santa letters each Christmas — it’s where the US Postal Service really sends letters addressed to Mr. Claus (Santa’s zip is 47579, in case your kids ask).

Help your children write Santa Claus letters as soon as Thanksgiving is over and Santa appears in the Macy’s Day Parade where he begins to visit boys and girls around the world finding out whose been naughty or nice.

The letter to Santa Claus can be a simple letter that your child can write. Children absolutely love to write a letter to Santa, but they occasionally need a little parental guidance to pull it off.

  • Help your child include his accomplishments over the past year and a special Christmas presents wish list into the letter to Santa. Many children enjoy getting more creative by drawing or cutting out pictures that represent the gifts they want. My granddaughter, Kaitlin, cuts out the toys from Christmas toy catalogs and glues them to her letter so Santa will know exactly which toys to bring.
  • Once your children’s Santa Claus letters are finished, simply mail them to the North Pole by December 15. Mail it to the following Santa Claus address: Santa Claus, 1 Candy Cane Lane, North Pole 00001. Don’t bother using a return address, you wouldn’t want it to return as ‘undeliverable’ for any reason.
  • By helping your child write the letter to Santa Claus, you can see what toys and other gifts are on the list which will help you shop and also anticipate how Santa will respond.
  • Next, write a personalized letter from Santa Claus and send it in the mail in response to your child’s letter to Santa. Create a personalized letter from Santa by directly mentioning your child’s name and certain information about your child. This will make for a much more believable Santa letter.
  • Be sure to make these letters from Santa different for each child in your family. The child will have no doubt that Santa Claus is coming to town after receiving a personalized letter from Santa! To make the Letter to Santa believable, print the Santa letter on authentic looking letterhead, as this will help to reinforce the believability. Many different styles of paper can be found at your local office supply store but be sure to hide the paper so your child doesn’t accidentally discover what you’ve been up to!
  • You can add to the fun by getting your letter from Santa postmarked at the North Pole. Simply send your Santa letter inside another sealed, stamped envelope to: North Pole Christmas Cancellation, Postmaster, 5400 Mail Trail, Fairbanks, AK 99709-9999. (It needs to arrive by December 15th.)

Create Your Own Letter from Santa Package

Many parents add a certificate for being on Santa’s “Nice List” along with the Santa Letter. This is great for boosting your child’s self-esteem. Another great item to include with the Santa letter is a Santa Claus coloring sheet. Combining the personalized Santa letter, the “nice” certificate, and the Santa Claus coloring sheet is a sure fire method for keeping your child believing.

After your child has written and mailed his list to Santa, you may have to be sneaky about creating the Letter from Santa, the Nice List, and the certificate. They need to be realistic looking…remember to not use your usual handwriting or your child will realize it didn’t come from Santa, it came from you!

If you know how to be creative with the computer, you can print them out. Just be sure not to leave the paper or copies around where curious children may find them. Remember to have everything mailed to the North Pole so it can be sent back to your child.

Save Time and Order a Letter from Santa Package

Since the holidays can be very hectic, you can order the Christmas Letter package from a reputable company that specializes in sending Santa Letters to children. has three packages to choose from. The letter looks authentic. It’s really worth it to see the excitement in your child’s face when she hold a letter from Santa Claus! Let PackageFromSanta take care of everything for you so you’ll have more time to spend on planning other ways to make the Christmas holiday special for your family.