St. Patrick’s Day Poems | 6 Leprechaun Poems

We must have leprechaun poems for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Enjoy these 6 fun St. Patrick’s Day Poems with your children, grandchildren, or students. I’ve included a mini lesson plan.

Leprechaun Poems and Activities/Mini Lesson

Young children have such great imaginations. Let them get a little silly with these activities:

  • After you read a leprechaun poem title,
    • ask children what they think the poem will be about.
  • After reading the poems, ask the children to
    • create a new title…and/or
    • write leprechaun poems of their own.

6 Leprechaun Poems

Here are the titles of the 6 leprechaun poems:

  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Looking for a Leprechaun
  • Two Little Leprechauns
  • Leprechaun
  • Leprechauns are Marching
  • Leprechaun, Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun

Leprechaun, Leprechaun,
Oh, where can you be?
Come a little closer now.
Don’t be afraid of me.
Leprechaun, Leprechaun,
You bring luck my way.
I’d really like to see you

Looking for a Leprechaun

I’m looking for a leprechaun,
Leprechaun, leprechaun.
I’m looking for a leprechaun,
Do you know where he’s gone?

He wears a suit that’s made of green,
Made of green, made of green,
He wears a suit that’s made of green,
Do you know where he’s gone?

He lives by a rainbow and hides his gold,
Hides his gold, hides his gold,
He lives by a rainbow and hides his gold,
Do you know where he’s gone?

If you see a leprechaun,
Leprechaun, leprechaun,
If you see a leprechaun,
Please tell me where he’s gone!

Two Little Leprechauns

Two little leprechauns
Playing hide and seek
One named Zach
And one named Zeke
Up on a mushroom
Zeke did mount
One, two, three, four…
He did count
He opened his eyes and
Looked all around
Zeke was nowhere
To be found!
All of a sudden
From below
Came a squeek
Zack peeked down
And there sat Zeke!


Leprechaun, leprechaun, fly across the sea
And fetch an emerald shamrock for you and me.
Do not bring a nettle or a thistle for a joke,
But bring an Irish shamrock, for we are Irish folk.
And you and I, my leprechaun, will wear the shamrock gay,
And match it with and Irish smile upon St. Patrick’s Day!

The Leprechauns are Marching

The Leprechauns are marching,
They’re marching down the hall,
They’re marching on the ceiling,
They’re marching on the wall.
They’re marching two by two,
And now it’s four by four,
You say you still can’t see them?
Move back! Here come some more!

The leprechauns are marching,
I think it’s three by three.
Just close your eyes and try now
To visualize with me.
Their merry little feet
Will never miss a beat.
They’re very tricky fellows.
Look out! They’re under the sheet!

Leprechaun, Leprechaun

Leprechaun, leprechaun, don’t catch cold.
Leprechaun, leprechaun, come get the gold.
Eat some cereal, drink some tea.
Leprechaun, leprechaun, visit with me.
I promise not to keep you for more than just a spell.
My mother wouldn’t let me, so it’s just as well.
Leprechauns, leprechauns, where do you dwell?
Leprechauns, leprechauns, elves, and trolls.
I think you live on grassy knolls.
Leprechauns, leprechauns everywhere.
Leprechauns, leprechauns in my hair.
On my foot and near my ear
Leprechaun, leprechaun, see you next year!

Want to share your St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun poems? I’d love it if you’d share them with me!