MTV Turns 30!

MTV is 30 years old today! I remember when my kids were younger, they’d want to watch the music videos, thinking they were sooo cool. But, they weren’t happy with me when I nixed it – no way were they watching that suggestive dancing or listening to those sooo inappropriate words! That kind of cool, they didn’t need to be.

KIDZ BOP Turns 10!

Ten years ago, the first Kidz Bop came along so that kids could listen to the “cool” songs without those so inappropriate words. Apparently, Kidz Bop CDs produced with the latest most popular songs (sung buy kids themselves) have continued to be popular with the kids (and their parents) today as they were when the first Kidz Bop CD was published. This summer, Kidz Bop 20 with the latest hottest hits is in the stores celebrating Kidz Bop’s 10th Birthday.

Our KAITLIN Turns 10!

Who else is celebrating their 10th Birthday? Our granddaughter, Kaitlin. A milestone…about to join the group known as “Tween”. So many changes and adventures are ahead of her. But, for right now – it’s BIRTHDAY time! Saturday is Kaitlin’s 10th Birthday Party. Her friends and family are invited for a fun, pool party to celebrate this momentous birthday. One of the presents she asked for is the latest Kidz Bop CD! I gave her Kidz Bop 18 last year and she played it throughout her 9th birthday pool party and the sleepover that followed. For Christmas, I gave her Kidz Bop 19. And, yes – Kaitlin is getting Kidz Bop 20 for this birthday party and sleepover. I’m sure you guessed that already! LOL


To celebrate Kidz Bop’s 10th Birthday, they share Rock Star birthday party theme ideas on their website, KIDZBOP.COM. Here are some Rock Star Party tips:

  1. When inviting friends to your rockstar birthday party, make sure you tell them to dress up as their favorite.
  2. Create a playlist full of your favorite songs to play during the party. (KidzBop CDs – my suggestion)
  3. Decorate with disco balls, posters, and CDs. (decorate a “stage” area)
  4. For activities and contests:
  • Air guitar contest
  • KIDZ BOP Karaoke
  • Make music videos and upload to later
  • Design CD covers and place in blank CD covers to take home
  • Dancing, of course!  (watch KIDZBOP Dance Party Video and try to follow the cool moves – we have it, love it!)

Birthday Cake Design Contest

And, for the must have birthday cake, design a Rock Star themed cake – guitar, music note, star. In fact, is holding a Birthday Cake and Baked Goods Design contest – no baking necessary.  Read more:

KIDZ BOP’s Birthday Bash Super Contest
KIDZ BOP is turning 10 this summer, and we’re looking for the be-all end-all of birthday cakes and baked goods to kick off the celebration! Whether you bake it or draw it, don’t forget to use your imagination and creativity! The winner will receive the ultimate KIDZ BOP birthday party, etc. So put on your sweet tooth and create a KIDZ BOP birthday cake that will make turning 10 totally worth it!

Check out the KIDZ BOP 20 for yourself with song samples on KidzBop 20 (completely worry free).  They can also be downloaded from iTunes. Some of my favorites on the 16 song track are The Lazy Song, Forget You, Price Tag, Rolling in the Deep and Born This Way. You’ll find yourself enjoying the songs, too![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]