iSafe Backpack Designed to Keep Children Safe

Children in danger seems to be a regular topic in the news lately, more so than ever I can remember. We, as parents and grandparents, worry everyday when our children leave our side not knowing what evil may be waiting for them. For Christmas, I gave my 6th grade granddaughter an iSafe Backpack. The iSafe backpack will help keep her safe with its built in alarm. If she suspects she may be in danger, all she needs to do is pull the tab located in the strap. Two very loud, piercing alarms and a high intensity strobe light will send a message that she needs emergency help fast!

How iSafe Backpacks Help Kids Stay Safe

iSafe Bags are the first and only bags that feature a lightweight, battery-powered audible and visible alarm system that, when activated, signal distress and attract immediate attention in a dangerous or crisis situation. To activate simply lift the small Velcro flap covering the activation pin and pull. The pin will disengage from its socket and activate an audible alarm and flashing lights. The alarm can be switched on and off in intervals to conserve battery power or run continuously for up to two hours on just two 9-volt batteries to attract attention to situations such as: a child who is lost, being bullied or having a medical emergency.

Keeping your children safe has never been easier with several styles and colors of bags to choose from including backpacks and messenger/laptop style bags.

iSafe Backpack Description

The UrbanCrew Campus Laptop Backpack description below states it is for ages 14 and up, but I recommend it for Jr. High students as well…there are other styles to accommodate all backpackers.

Weight:3lbs w/batteries

Fits laptops up to 15.6 screens. This great looking laptop backpacks has plenty of room with seven zippered compartments for college and high school students on the go. The Urban Crew Campus Backpack is durable and light weight and can accommodate all your mobile gear and more in secured compartments. This large laptop backpack has great padding to fit comfortably on your back. It’s perfect for any mobile student who wants to protect themselves and all their electronic devices when they leave home.

A Need for Safety Products

Too often we hear of children, mostly girls, being approached, chased and attacked while walking to or home from school or waiting for the school bus. Just this week two attempts to pick up girls by a man in an Escalade was reported on the same day in a Long Island, NY town. Another girl a few weeks ago was reported to have been taken to a top floor in an apartment building and attacked. Today a bus driver was killed and a young boy passenger was kidnapped and is being held captive. Yesterday, high school students were shot at while at a park and one promising student was killed, just a week after she and her marching band performed during President Obama’s Inauguration…and before these reports there was the horrific Newtown shootings. And now, as I write this post, a report about a high school student was threatened by a boy with a butcher knife because she wouldn’t go out with him. Having the iSafe backpack with her in school at that moment would have immediately had everyone’s attention…instead of the administration waiting a week to notify the parents! I can’t believe it took them that long…what were they thinking!

Unfortunately, these attacks on our children has made it necessary to take our children’s safety more seriously and the need to include products that enhance their safety into their everyday activities. iSafe Backpack helps keep children and adults, too, safe as they go about their daily routine just by keeping it closeby. An iSafe bag is a great essential product that is attractive enough for kids but safe enough to save parents’ sanity!

The iSafe backpacks can be purchased at Toys R Us, Walgreens, Wayfair, and