July 4th bike parade fun! The 4th of July is a day can be a fun day for grandchildren and grandparents together to celebrate our nation’s independence and continued freedom. Take the time to talk about what the 4th of July celebration means to you and your family. Tell your grandchildren how you celebrated the 4th of July when you were their age. What traditions did you enjoy? Start them up with your grandchildren now.

Where there are grandchildren, there are bikes. When I was a young girl in Connecticut, we would decorate our bikes and have a July 4th bike parade through our community’s safe, side streets. Our families would line up along the curb and cheer us as we rode by. The younger ones were in decorated wagons pulled by older siblings or parents.

The last year we lived there, the local country club held a July 4th bike parade and costume contest. My older sister was Martha Washington and I was Miss Liberty with a Flag Dress and Crown. We both won prizes for our costumes. It is something I haven’t forgotten over these past 60+ years!

After the July 4th bike parade, we all gathered for a block party while we waited to leave for the local fireworks display that night.

July 4th Bike Parade

All your grandchildren will need to have their own 4th of July bike parade is to decorate their bikes and wagons are rolls of red, white, and blue steamers, flowers, etc. and your imagination their imagination. Include their pets, too, for added fun!

Here is a YouTube video of one community’s July 4th bike parade:

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From Nana, Poppy, Kaitlin, and Emily
to all grandparents and grandchildren:

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July together!