What are January’s 13 best item sales, you ask?

The holiday shopping season may be over, but there are still incredible savings to be had now! There are going to be January sales everywhere you look and Coupons.com makes finding January’s best item sales easy.

Coupon.com’s savings and consumer trends expert Jeanette Pavini has compiled some of the best items that will find you the best item sales after the holiday season. You’ll find her great tips for saving below.

Why Shop in January for Best Item Sales?

I had an Aunt who was on a very fixed income. As soon as Christmas was over, she started her next year’s Christmas shopping. Whenever and wherever there were best item sales to be had, she was out and about shopping them.

Just think of the savings she would have been thrilled with if she had the internet and Coupons.com!

I thought she was crazy for shopping so far ahead. But if you look at the list Coupon.com’s consumer trends expert Jeanette Pavini has compiled for us, you’ll realize they are popular gifts we do tend to buy for others and ourselves every year.

I use Coupons.com and their App before and while I shop. They offer coupons, coupon codes, and easy to find savings which are all helpful in searching for those deeps discounts we love. No complaints here!

(I’m not an affiliate of Coupons.com, just a pleased user. The benefit I receive is having relevant content to share with you all.)

January’s 13 Best Item Deals by Jeanette Pavini

1. Open Box Electronics

When electronics are opened and then returned, they’re often discounted and sold as open box electronics. After the holidays there’s an increase in open-box inventory because so many people are making holiday returns. That means you can get a brand new TV for less simply because the box was opened. Best Buy even has a section on their website for open-box and refurbished electronics.

(Nana ~ My son just bought an open-box laptop from Best Buy. Make sure you completely test your electronic purchase before you leave the store. It will save you time and aggravation…just saying…. He was very pleased with their customer service and laptop recommendation.)

Make the most of your shopping trip with Best Buy promo codes and coupons!

2. Jackets

Believe it or not, stores are ready to stock shelves with spring fashions. Bulky items like jackets need to go. Sales may be better if you live in an area with a milder winter.

Jackets are a popular holiday gift, so many on the shelves could be returns. Inspect them thoroughly before buying. It never hurts to ask for a discount if you find a flaw like a missing button.

(Nana ~ Check the pockets, you might find a treasure…or ripped lining…and check that the buttons are secure and an extra button is sewn inside, not missing. Why not plan your next cold weather vacation with the savings on clothing and gear!)

Stay cozy with a warm winter jacket and save even more with coupon codes for Columbia, Lands’ End, and The North Face.  

3. Jewelry

Adorn yourself with affordable bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Combine store sales with coupons and you can find costume jewelry for as much as 85 percent off. Be aware, though, that fine jewelry may not see as deep of discounts with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. 

(Nana ~ My son-in-law’s mother works in Macy’s fine jewelry. I asked her what coming month has the best deals for fine jewelry sales. According to her, you might find the best deals in fine jewelry in May…I’m not sure if that’s before or after Mother’s Day. I’m sure Coupons.com will let you know.)

Use Macy’s, JCPenney, and Kohl’s coupons to score a great deal on fashion jewelry.

4. Beauty Gift Sets

Beauty stores and cosmetic brands package together gift sets with a variety of their products — often deluxe sample sizes. They make great gifts, but most of us aren’t going to buy them for ourselves unless the price is right. Fortunately, right after the holiday it is, so snag up travel sized containers from your favorite cosmetic brands.

(Nana ~ I wish I could have waited for January’s best item sales in this category. My teen granddaughter loves makeup, lotions, and fragrances. But, she has a birthday in July, so now I’ll take advantage of January’s beauty gift sales for a few of her Sweet 16 presents. With the savings, she might even get more!)

 Look for deluxe beauty gift sets and save with coupons from Sephora, Ulta, and The Body Shop.

 5. Bakeware

Everyone’s baking in December and on a diet in January, so bakeware often gets discounted. Look for deep discounts on holiday-themed bakeware like red pans and novelty items like a cookie press or mini Bundt cake pans.

(Nana ~ Holiday bakeware themed gifts are always fun to put together for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and appreciation gifts…it doesn’t have to be just at holiday time. Put some together for “go to” gifts…for when time is short.)

Find great deals with coupon codes for Williams-Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Sur La Table.

6. Gourmet food

Gourmet food gifts are everywhere in December. But a cheese and cracker gift basket or a tin of flavored popcorn is much less sought after on December 26. Anything in holiday packaging needs to go immediately and will see deep discounts. Check out designer discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx for clearance on gourmet food baskets, chocolates, coffee and more.

(Nana ~ The shelf life of gourmet food gifts is usually good for at least another year or more. I sent my sister and her grandkids a huge, very festive tin of red and green kettle corn. She sent me Vermont maple syrup in a gingerbread boy bottle along with pumpkin spice pancake mix. Yum!)

You’ll find even greater deals when you shop with Ross and TJ Maxx coupons!

7. Barware

Wine chillers, beer mugs, shaker sets, and anything drinking-related sell well during the holidays and go on sale afterwards. Retro bar carts have been making a comeback this year, so it may be a good time to dive into this trend and create your own at-home bar.

(Nana ~ My son has a retro bar cart, it’s very cool! He bought it when they purchased their townhouse. For Christmas a few years ago, I bought him a decanter with matching glasses. Shortly after, the decanter top broke. I promised to replace it, but as time has gone by too quickly, I still haven’t done so. Now is a good time to do it, especially with this post to remind me and January’s best barware sales waiting for me…he has a February birthday.)

Want to become an at-home bartender? Read up on our bartending guide, including a list of essential bar tools.

8. Throw blankets

These are a very popular holiday gift, but those fluffy bundles of fluff take up a lot of shelf space. That means immediate sales after Christmas. Check the home section at department stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s. You’ll likely be able to find a coupon you can stack on an already low sale price.

(Nana ~ My granddaughter received a throw blanket for Christmas, it is white with silver sparkles which you’d think would be rough to the touch. But, no it isn’t. You don’t feel the sparkles at all. Her new throw blanket is the softest to cuddle in. I want one!)

9. Candles

They’re one of the premier go-to hostess gifts. They’re also part of many holiday centerpieces and displays, but in January candles are usually snuffed out and left unlit. Get extra savings on holiday-scented candles like cranberry, peppermint, or pine.

(Nana ~ I found this favorite of the best item sales at Yankee Candles after Christmas last year and saved them for stocking stuffers plus the school secretaries’ and co-workers’ gifts. You can’t go wrong with quality scented candles!)

 Stock up on festive holiday candles and save even more with Yankee Candle and Nordstrom promo codes.

10. Christmas decorations

It’s no surprise that Christmas decorations will be on deep discount. But the trick is to snag these deals immediately. Now more than ever, stores want to clear out that inventory quickly and make room for spring inspired products. Get to stores immediately before Christmas clearance is pulled off the shelves completely.

(Nana ~ I was in JoAnn Fabrics yesterday. They have their Valentine’s Day items out and very little Christmas things. I’m sure other stores are doing the same, so HURRY!)

 Shop for Christmas décor online and save with Amazon promo codes.

11. Pajamas & robes

PJs and robes are a popular gift during the holiday season, but once the holidays have passed you can really find some good deals. Also, as winter starts to turn into spring, the prices will get even lower! Look for flannel and thicker cotton robes and pajama sets for January best deals. You could even stock up and hold onto a couple sets to give as gifts next year.

(Nana ~ I have a daughter who gives fun pajamas to all of us…kids, siblings, parents, and even uncles. Next year, she is giving them to us on Christmas Eve so we can wear them on Christmas and eat Chinese. Why? So everyone can relax, no long hours in the kitchen, little clean-up, and more time to enjoy gift exchanges…and also, we get together on Dec 23, 24, and 25. By Christmas Day, we’ve eaten too much and stayed up too late. It might be a one time theme, but I think it will be fun.)

12. Flannel sheet sets

This is by far the best time to buy flannel sets. Not only because it’s after the holidays but because January is the month for white sales, which includes all sheets and towels!

(Nana ~ We have a mattress that is between a King and a Queen in size. It is difficult to find sheets at reasonable prices. January’s best item sales for bedding is the only time I shop for new sheets.)

13. Television sets

Sure, there were some great deals before the holidays, especially on Black Friday. But after Christmas and pre-Super Bowl, you can also find deep discounts on a new big screen TV.

(Nana ~ I wish someone reminded me of this…we bought two flat screen TVs last month. I’m sure we could have found better best item deals on TVs if we had waited! Hopefully, TV stands are on sale now. We’re using a Christmas storage box for the one on our living room.)

January’s Best Item Sales – Get Shopping!

Now that you’ve finished reading and have noted January’s best item sales, don’t waist time…get organized!

  • make your list of who
  • search Coupons.com
  • then add item ideas
  • and shop!

Nana’s Best Item Sales Prediction…

On CNBC this morning, a segment covered this past holiday retail sales outcome…it wasn’t good. So, my prediction is that there will be even greater deep discount sales this post-holiday season!