Gambling for money online is illegal in the United States. In November, residents of New Jersey will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to legalize intrastate online gaming. What this means is that New Jersey residents will be able to play online poker against other New Jersey residents, only, allowing for New Jersey’s government to keep track of winnings and increasing its revenue. Recently, Governor Chris Christie had the opportunity to sign the bill legallizing intrastate online gaming under state regulations. But, he changed his mind just before he was to do so. Instead, it will be up to New Jersey voters to pass or reject it. 

There are pros and cons to this issue before us. Financially, it would help our state financially by participating in the multi-million online gaming market. But, if every state regulates itself there may be problems down the road. By waiting for the Federal Government to regulate online gaming, there would be a consistency throughout the states. Morally, it may cause more financial distress to individuals and families in an already distressed economy.

Our state Government has not been fiscally wise in the past. There is too much at stake – it is a gamble that I believe New Jersey should not take on its own. If New Jersey becomes the first to legalize intrastate online gaming, they won’t have the opportunity to learn from others – it will be a new road paved from the beginning with our infamous pot holes. New Jersey’s law makers need not rush in too quickly or they’ll further damage our well being. New Jersey needs to take this slowly and responsibly for there may be devastating repercussions for many who participate in the games. I fear that New Jersey’s gain may become hardship for those who will find it all too easy to lose their hard earned money or for those who are already in debt. How will New Jersey take care of its own, then? Will it be with this new revenue?

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