Internal Rhyme Poems for Christmas

Internal Rhyme Poems for Christmas. When you read internal rhyme poems, do you think to yourself, “This poem uses the literary device, internal rhyme? Probably not unless you are a student or poet or reviewer. What you does come to mind is the enjoyment of the rhyme and rhythm that enhances the pleasure of reading the poem and the picture, message, or mood the poem portrays.

As you will see, and hear, A Christmas Wish is a wonderful example of an internal rhyme poem. And, to the students and teachers who visit Nana’s Corner looking for examples of poems, please read two more Christmas poems by Jane-Ann Heitmueller. I know you will enjoy them.

If you are looking for yet another Christmas internal rhyme poem visit the one I wrote, The Christmas Elf Meets the Christmas Mouse.

But first, please read A Christmas Wish by Jane-Ann Heitmuller, an original poem which I am happy to share with you…

Internal Rhyme Poems: A Christmas Wish

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

There’s a special mood at Christmas time when hearts are filled with joy and the happy smiles of children show on every girl and boy.

Days when neighbor greets his neighbor with a warm and tender tone and our spirit of togetherness tells us we’re not alone.

Happy laughter, bows and ribbons, scents and sights fill each new day, as we soak up all around us in our jolly, merry play.

Sparkling lights and Christmas carols touch our memories from the past. What a wondrous gift if all these things would stay within our grasp…

If the true meaning of Christmas filled each busy, hectic life and erased all anger, sadness, tears, unhappiness and strife.

I hope you enjoyed the Internal Rhyme Poems on Merry Christmas to Jane and every one who has visited Nana’s Corner this year!