Culinary artists are those known today as the ones responsible for the presentation of your salad, entree, or dessert. There is one restaurant we enjoy on the Jersey Shore that serves salads that are a work of art – I feel guilty when I disturb it.

The culinary arts is one of the fields of study that is currently in at the top of the list among many young people who enjoy creating eye appealing dishes. There are many culinary schools offering training. So if you have a grandchild that you are raising or very close to, encourage them to continue with their interest in culinary arts.

Here are some interesting facts about culinary arts:

  • Cooking was once considered the woman’s job. Today there are more men in the culinary profession than women.
  • The Boston Cooking School was opened in 1800 as the first culinary arts school.
  • The first cookbook was written in 1896 by Fannie Merrit Farmer. It included culinary art.
  • The first TV cooking show began in 1946 by James Beard where he was able to demonstrate culinary art to many interested viewers.
  • The first career-oriented culinary arts school was the Culinary Institute of America, now located in NYC.

College isn’t for everyone and even though the high schools would like to boast that most of their students go on to college, culinary arts schools are also considered to be post-secondary schools. Cooking classes in high school are great for those students who need to be moving around and very actively involved with hands-on learning. I know of one such student who went on to a 2-year program in culinary arts and became the owner of a very large, successful restaurant chain.

With talent, will, and determination…anything is possible in the culinary arts careers.