Inspirational aging poem, Leaves of Life, is a metaphor for the cycles of life. As Fall comes and goes so quickly and I watch the leaves change, I’m reminded of the ever changing cycle of life.  From these thoughts, came to mind the inspirational aging poem, Leaves of Life, is a poem that relates Nature’s cycle of life to our own.

Inspirational Aging Poem

As our years seem to come and go so quickly as we age. The color green represents our youth and the newness as we grow from life’s experiences. The gold represents our aging into our golden years, and then as we draw near to the end when the strongest leaves that have been able to sustain, eventually go to rest and become the ground.

Leaves of Life is not meant to be a sad poem, but an inspirational aging poem. For as you will see in the next lines, Spring does return and the cycle of life renews, “My Winter will come, but so will Spring.” I know I won’t live forever. But I take comfort in knowing that through my love and that which will follow, I will live on in my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and generations to follow…my leaves of life.

Leaves of Life

a Cycle of Life Poem

As seasons come and go,

leaves turn from green to shades of gold…

until the strongest fade to brown

before they drift and become the ground.

Winter will nurture what it has taken away,

restoring the earth until the day…

when Spring itself renews

and the cycle of life continues.

My winter will come, but so will Spring,

because life is what love brings…

~ by Nana ~

© 2010 Barbara R Johnson”

Since I began my blog in 2008, our family has grown. We now (2016) have five grandchildren ranging in age from the oldest turning 15 in July…10…7…5…and 2. We look forward, as grandparents, to many years left in our cycle of life so we may enjoy our leaves of life, and hopefully a few of theirs. If you enjoyed Leaves of Life as an inspirational aging poem, you might also like My Lost Youth, by Longfellow.