Indoor Halloween Party Ideas

Indoor Halloween party ideas to get your family through bad weather…
Halloween is just a few days away. A monster hurricane (or any type of bad weather) shouldn’t get in your family’s way of creating last-minute indoor Halloween party ideas! It’s a shame if children have to miss out on their Halloween fun. Most likely it will be raining with a possibility of trees and power lines lining the streets instead of strewn toilet paper. Outdoor Halloween plans for parades and trick or treating will be cancelled…or hopefully just postponed for awhile.  While preparing for your family’s safety, don’t forget to plan on some safe, indoor Halloween party ideas together.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Being home bound with your family can be your silver lining. Even without power – no TVs, no video games, no computers - your indoor days can be enjoyable. What a great setting for some old fashioned indoor Halloween party fun!

Spooky, Scary Indoor Halloween Party Ideas

What can you and your children plan for a fun, indoor Halloween party ideas? Look around the house – what can you recycle into Halloween party ideas? Spend the days before Halloween preparing a fun indoor Halloween party, or choose your family’s own Halloween Party Day to prepare with ideas similar to these:

  1. Monster Inventors: Look around the house for items to create your family’s very own scary monster together.
  2. Spooky Story Authors: Gather together some items to be used as props in spooky Halloween stories or poems. Or one family member can start a story and call on the next person to add to it who then does the same until all family members have had two turns.
  3. Scary Sound Engineers: Record each family member’s scariest sounds and play for your Halloween Hurricane party. No power? Have a Scary Sounds Sound Off competition.
  4. Halloween Interior Decorators: Make ghosts from sheets, use construction or printer paper to make Halloween decorations to hang on the inside of windows. Don’t forget to bring outdoor decorations inside – use them, too, to add to the festive decor.
  5. Halloween Costume Designers: Create your own last minute Halloween costumes from pieces of clothing and “accessories” found in closest, drawers, storage bins, and the attic or basement. If Halloween costumes have already been planned, see who can come up with the most original version.
  6. Creepy Chefs: Use ingredients from the kitchen for the creepiest Halloween treats.
  7. Fright Fest: With the lights out and a few flashlights placed strategically, create a Haunted House by placing cold stuck together cooked spaghetti, peeled grapes or olives, cheese sticks, cold meat, dog bones, and whatever you can come up with that could feel like body parts in the dark. If you can, sneak off to a dark corner and pop out when the others don’t expect it.
  8. Scavenger Hunt: Give each member a list of items to find in the house with each one starting with a letter forming a “Halloween” related word.
  9. Trick or Treating: Use the plastic eggs from Easter or foil or baggie to hide Halloween candy throughout the house. It’s even a bigger challenge when the lights are out!
  10. Halloween Games: Halloween games are easy to make. Create a Halloween word find, play checkers using Halloween candy, play “I see with my little eyes something….” in the dark – great memory game!

It might be too late to get some of these items for your indoor Halloween party. To come up with alternative ideas, give every family member the assignment to come up with bad weather indoor Halloween party ideas. Pair or group family members together for some of the activities. This can be a great opportunity for bonding without work, school, sports, and errands getting in the way!

Be Safe…plan for the worst and hope for the best!