How to write a funeral poem for grandma. Writing a funeral poem for your special Grandma, Nana, or any loved one, is definitely a difficult task during an extremely emotional time. The best advice I can give you on how to write a funeral poem is to write about the special feelings you hold and special moments shared. Those memories and emotions will help you express what made your grandma special to you.

How to Write a Funeral Poem for Grandma

I recently received an email asking how to write a funeral poem for a special Nana. The granddaughter shared personal memories and sentiments with me. She wished to read the poem at her Nana’s funeral service. I added rhyme and rhythm to the lines she shared, taking the liberty to expand on them, and sent it back to her in time for the funeral service. Unfortunately, I never received feedback from the young lady…sadly, not even a thank you. The following funeral poem is for a special grandmother:

Funeral Poem for My Special Nana

My special Nana was always there,
waiting for me in her favorite chair.
On her face, always a loving grin…
always a sweet surprise when I walked in.
As I grew up, through my childhood years,
she listened to this young girl’s hopes and fears.
My perfect Nana in every way,
when we were together we’d laugh and play.
Come what may, I knew she’d cheer for me
because my Nana knew what I could be.

But then she fell and went far away,
my best friend was taken away that day.
Still, I always knew where she would be –
in her chair waiting to visit with me,
to greet me with her special smile –
for me, that alone made the drive worthwhile.

I grew up with a grandma who cared…
adoration, devotion, and love we shared.
My grandma unselfishly nurtured
as she tenderly spoke of my future.
In my heart I held a crippling fear
that one day my Nana would not be there.
That fear came true as life changed again,
my deepest sorrow I couldn’t contain.
A loathsome feeling washed over me…
my Nana, an angel was soon to be,
would leave me with my heart broken
without a road to visit in Heaven.

Selfishly, I don’t want her to leave,
but I must - of pain she’s finally free.
For me relief comes as Nana goes,
she will no longer shed tears of sorrow.
As her tears dry, so one day will mine
when at Heaven’s gates my Nana I’ll find
waiting for me in her chair…
I know, for me, she will always be there
and on her face, a welcoming grin –
a familiar surprise when I walk in.

Nana’s an angel, that’s so wondrous –
now she smiles and visits with Jesus.
So please do not grieve for her today,
she would not wish for you to be that way.
Nana, this I know with certainty,
you’re in our hearts for all eternity.

by Barbara R Johnson

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