Baby shower scrapbooking theme – have you ever attended a scrapbooking baby shower? Hopefully you found my post looking for how to ideas for a baby shower scrapbooking theme or for ideas on something different.

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby and creates a great keepsake for the new mother. Baby showers have a lot of “watching” time. Guests scrapbooking a starter page for the new mom to complete for her baby at a later time is a fun way to them to be involved during that time.

The Scrapbooking Baby Shower Guest of Honor

Our son and his wife delivered their first child on April 29 of this year. Because of our 4th grandchild’s size, delivery was a struggle for our daughter-in-law. But she was able to deliver without a c-section, using every ounce of strength to deliver an 8 pound 13 ounces adorable, healthy boy!  In fact, Dylan and his cousin, Luke (our 3rd grandchild who is two years older), now share the same birthday.

How to Ideas for a Baby Shower Scrapbooking Theme

To plan for Dylan’s magnificent arrival, we organized a baby shower scrapbooking theme to be held in a cozy colonial inn located near Bridget’s hometown. The inn had special meaning for her and her family plus it was closer to her grandmother, relatives, and long-time friends.

Begin Planning Ideas Early for a Scrapbooking Baby Shower Theme

It took time to find the perfect place that could accommodate the guests and scrapbooking activity. To start, baby shower scrapbooking themewe searched many venues for the shower. Since we wanted to have it where the expecting mother grew up, an hour away from our hometown, I relied on others to offer suggestions.

Either the place was too expensive (country club), or the menu wasn’t appealing, or it wasn’t as attractive as the website portrayed…so frustrating!

– Then I remembered a colonial inn that we had seen when we were out visiting her dad. I suggested that to him and he was very pleased. The day her father, my husband, and I were to have lunch at the inn I wasn’t feeling well. So, I left it up to Poppy and Pop Pop to decide if that would be the right place for the shower.  (Luckily, it turned out to be perfect!)

I included Bridget as far as what menu choices she would prefer and the date (she didn’t want to be surprised) – but we kept the Inn a surprise.

The date was available and the menu included dishes she had mentioned. Bridget was surprised because the expectant father blindfolded the mommy-to-be with a cloth diaper and drove around so she wouldn’t have any idea where she was. The inn, the baby shower scrapbooking theme, the decorations, and the cake were very much a surpise!

Preparation for a Scrapbooking Baby Shower Theme

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  1. Once we found the perfect venue, we compiled a guest list spreadsheet which included: name, address, phone number, email address, RSVP response of yes or no, and entree choice. As responses came in, I color coded each line; one color was used for will be attending and one for will not be attending. A third color was used for children. Eventually, I grouped them together and kept a running total of each group and entrees.
  2. After we had an estimated guest total, a search was on for scrapbooking baby shower invitations. We actually did find one vendor. I could change the hair and eye colors to match the mommy-to-be and also blue accent colors since they knew she was expecting a boy. The customer service was excellent and real-time! I could make changes online, with help if needed, as many times as needed. Once I approved the scrapbooking invitation design, it was printed almost immediately. The order arrived before the week was out!
  3. I wrote a scrapbooking baby shower poem to be included with the invitation telling the guests the mommy-to-be knows the date but not the theme, activity, or where the shower will be. I also added a small card telling where she was registered.
  4. If you start planning early, you can save money on scrapbooking supplies. I asked a friend who is an experienced scrapbooker to give me a list of scrapbooking supplies, which brands to look for, and where to find good buys. Since I started early, I was able to take advantage of weekly sales on scrapbooking supplies - mostly AC Moore’s sales. Each week different supplies were on sale with some repeated throughout the three months prior to the baby shower. If they weren’t on sale, I used the 40% off coupon usually found on their website. Sometimes it is a 50% off coupon. Tip: Print enough out to use each day – even more than once a day if you can go back later.  I also shopped at Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, and online using Google to find what I was looking for. Sometimes, discount dollar stores will have some scrapbooking supplies, too. Don’t forget Target and Walmart, too.
  5. Here are some supplies you will need: baby theme scrapbook, removable adhesive, baby theme stickers, color coordinated cardstock (size of scrapbook pages), color coordinated papers, scissors, decorative scissors, clear acid free page holders, embellishments, punches, letters, straight edge cutter, hole puncher, rulers, etc.
  6. Visit for ideas and tips on baby theme scrapbooking pages. I also bought Scrapbooking for Dummmies (for myself) and a scrapbooking design book for guests to view some ideas. For more layout design ideas, I printed template examples from and placed them in a binder.
  7. I grouped themed stickers and coordinating cardstock and papers in clear, archival acetate resealable envelopes which I ordered online from Cheap Joe’s. Once the scrapbooking activity got going, guests used their own creativity and mixed it up. That’s okay with me. The pages turned out far better than I expected. The clear envelopes came in handy. the leftover supplies were placed in them so no matter how long it will be until the new mommy finds time to scrapbook, everything will be like new.
  8. Because I didn’t have a clue on how to scrapbook, my daughter’s friend volunteered baby shower scrapbooking themeto come to the shower to help the guests with instructions and ideas. After everyone enjoyed their meal, Deanna set up the scrapbooking table and the fun began! When the baby shower was over, I gave her Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards in a photo album as a thank you for her help. The guests and I were so glad she was there!

Not everyone took part in the baby shower scrapbooking activity, but they enjoyed watching others create fun pages for baby Dylan’s scrapbook. The young girls enjoyed the activity, too! It made the shower much more enjoyable for them. At the end of the baby shower, Bridget had 15 scrapbook pages completed. All she needs to do is to add photos! (We did have a few baby shower games such as guess the poopy diaper candy bar, guess the baby food jar flavors, and guess the circumference of the expectant mommy’s waist using ribbon. Prizes were given to the winners.

The Scrapbooking Baby Shower Theme Cake

baby shower scrapbooking theme theme cakeThe quest for the perfect cake could be a post in itself. We started searching for bakers online shortly after we baby shower scrapbooking themebooked the inn. My son took over this responsibility. He called a local baker who really didn’t have customer service skills nor quite what we were looking for. After she was told we wouldn’t be using her, she brought her price down considerably…but we didn’t hire her.

Another local baker with a new shop sat with us one evening to discuss our thoughts on a scrapbooking baby shower theme cake. He admitted he didn’t have any ideas – we gave him some to help him. He told us he’d get back to us after he researched the theme – that was fine. He never called.

My son interviewed a few other bakers who sent their sketches via email. There was one baker who stood out, worked with him, and gave him what he wanted. We ended up getting the scrapbooking theme cake topper and cupcakes instead of additional cake layers.

My husband and I would have had to drive an hour north to pick up the order, though. Luckily, one of our daughter-in-law’s best friends lives 30 minutes north of the baker and offered to deliver the shower cake and cupcakes herself since she was coming to the shower. It all worked out and was delicious!

Scrapbooking Baby Shower Theme Decorations

The inn supplied blue and white linens and we did the rest…

Centerpieces: I found silk blue hydrangea online, cut them down, separated the blooms, and placed them in florist foam hot glued inside decorative glass bowls purchased at a Dollar Store. I was able to get 2 centerpieces out of each bush. (see photos)

Favors: “Cute as a Button” Kate Aspen picture frames were purchased for each guest.

Balloons: Bouquets of balloons were placed in the corners of the room, with larger baby shower themed balloon behind the mommy-to-be’s chair.

Mints: Individually wrapped after dinner mints with blue and white “tiny hands and feet” wrappers.

Links for Sources

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Baby Scrappin’ Baby Shower Invitations – Set of 20baby shower scrapbooking theme  (you could also make your own, but it is very time scrapbooking baby shower themeconsuming)

The Pink Cake Box – baker’s scrapbooking baby shower cake topper

Beau Coup FavorsCute as a Button picture frame favor (lowest price I found) – only quality blue silk hydrangeas I could find for centerpieces – scrapbooking ideas and tips (subscribe to their newsletter) – large variety of baby shower scrapbooking theme supplies (bought most of mine from this store)

Michael’s Arts & Crafts – large variety of baby shower scrapbooking theme supplies including Martha Stewart

 Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts – found additional paper designs here and better sales online than in the store

Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies – Archival Acetate Envelopes to preserve the pages for later Scrapbooking Suppliesbaby shower scrapbooking theme

For the after dinner mints which I placed in two white wicker baskets lined in blue and white gingham purchased at Five Below. I used this online merchant for our baby shower scrapbooking theme mints:


The baby shower was given by the grandparents, the three aunts and baby’s daddy helped, and everyone had a great time! If you have any baby shower scrapbooking theme ideas, please share!