Holiday Photo Cards Planning

Grandparents Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas will soon be here along with all the other special occasions we buy special greeting cards for family and friends. Why not reduce your holiday stress and save time by ordering custom special occasion and holiday photo cards to send to grandparents, family, and friends.

Take advantage of all the wonderful photos you have taken during the year and choose your favorites to create your own custom photo cards and gifts. Grandparents usually prefer photo cards and gifts of their grandchildren and children. Photo cards are gifts that can be enjoyed all year.

You still have time to take more photos. Make a plan now and you’ll reduce even more stress! How to Take the Perfect Holiday Card Photo gives you more reasons to order custom photo greeting cards plus tips on how to plan for that perfect photo.

Here are a few additional planning tips from a article, How to take great holiday-card photos by Elizabeth Mayhew. These, too, will help you take the best family holiday card photos at home:

  • Have a plan before you drag everyone into frame. Make sure furniture is properly set up or front porch is swept. Set up furniture so family members are at different levels, i.e., one person is sitting, another standing, another kneeling.
  • Tight, simple graphic images without too much going on in the background make for an elegant photo. People want to see you and/or your family, not your recently redecorated living room.
  • Kids have a short attention span when it comes to photo taking — as does your family pet if you plan on having him in the shot. Make sure you have a treat to tempt them with after picture taking is over.

Holiday Photo Cards Reduce Stress

To reduce the stress of the holidays, all the experts advise us to plan – to make a list early and check it twice! On that list should be Holiday Cards. Making your own holiday cards can be very time consuming. I have a friend who starts in July to make her custom holiday and special occasion cards for the coming year. But for me, I need to go with minimum effort and order them online. It is so much easier and I can easily cross it off my holiday “to do” list.

Our children and grandchildren have a plan for a family photo shoot day in September. We will use the timer setting for full family photos, then take turns taking each other’s individual family photots. We will have enough photos to use for each family’s holiday photo cards.

Holiday Photo Cards

If you aren’t the creative type and are short on time during the very busy upcomong months, take a look at Snapily Greeting Cards page for personalized holiday photo cards. (If you don’t find the holiday, type it in the search box for a page of wonderful choices.) You can also find special occasion photo cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, and gifts too. You’ll find a wonderful assortment to choose from and you can order your own custom holiday cards to personalize the occasion. I’m know you’ll like what you see. Look for the animated and 3D styles. They are amazing!

Here’s a gift idea: Send a special holiday card to your grandkids and children with a special something inside from Snapily, too!

Happy Holidays!