It is high school graduation time and your grandchild or child has successfully worked hard to achieve this milestone. The high school graduation poem, Today You Star, is a congratulatory graduation poem.

High School Graduation Poem to Graduates

When I first read and shared this poem, I believed the high school graduation poem,Today You Star, could have been meant as a poem to a high school graduate from a grandparent, parent, or a message from a proud relative.

But, as I reread this high school graduation poem recently, I realized it could be a graduation poem from a valedictorian or class president to his peers…it ends with thanking the teachers after speaking to the high school graduates. I first tended to think the speaker’s classmates are the audience for the poem. He refers to them as a “class of hotties.” While reading it closer you may get the impression, as I finally did, that the speaker graduated from high school a few years earlier. He gives a sense of familiarity of the feelings and is mature enough to thank the teachers.

Today You Star

What great feeling to dawn today
You’ve made the grade, you’re on your way

Adulthood looks you in the eye
You’ll soon decide how high to fly

Your childhood bore so many thoughts
Of friends, of tears, of what life taught

But now you face a whole new view
Your dreams will surface, encompass you

Excitement churns within your chest
A class of hotties, you are the best

That cool diploma you’ll take to stay
Now that’s a trophy to tuck away

I still remember how great the feel
There is but one graduation deal

Twelve years have carried you this far
Now wear that cap, today you star

To close I would like to impart
To teachers all, Thanks from my heart

~ Roger J. Robicheau ~

About the Author: Roger J. Robicheau is a Veteran of the U.S. Army. He has written many patriotic poems. The above poem appears to be his only high school graduation poem.