A handprint poem, along with a child’s handprint for Mother, Grandmother, Nana, Grandmom, or Auntie, is always ahandprints special, personalized gift idea for any occasion including Mother’s Day. If you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift idea, put this together: a frame, a photo or child’s handprint, and a special personalized poem. It is a gift of love to mother, nana, grandmother, grandma, or aunt that can be cherished and displayed by the proud recipient – a gift of love that will last for many a Mother’s Days, birthdays, or Christmases that follow.

Here, on Nana’s Corner, you can find many handprint poems, poems to Grandmother from grandchildren, poems to Nana, poems about grandmothers, Nana poems, and more. Below you can find some original handprint poem lines that can be layered on top of a scanned photo and framed as a Mother’s Day gift, or lines that can be used as a poem to Mother or Grandmother, or as handprint poem starters to create your own personalized Mother’s Day poem and gift.  Do you have a special Mother’s Day poem to Mom or Grandmom that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!

Handprint Poem Lines #1

Two tiny handprints,

two tiny footprints…

From the very start,

Nana, you’re the one I heart.

Handprint Poem Lines #2

These little hands hold a heart,

they have from the start…

Handprint Poem #3

Although these hands are small,

they hold an abundance of love…

Handprint Poem #4

With these hands…

I promise to hold you safe in my arms

I promise to carry you always in my heart

I promise to always embrace you with love

I promise…

Handprint Poem #5

When your hand held mine,

it also touched my heart…

a touch that lasts a lifetime.


© 2011 Barbara R Johnson

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