Today, our high school students came to school dressed in great looking, creative Halloween costumes. I’m sure some were last minute Halloween costume ideas. The teens really enjoyed dressing up, and I must say they were in good taste…nothing inappropriate. In the past, there have been a few who tried to see what they could get away with.  Fortunately, this year there were no last minute changes that had to be made to their Halloween costumes. Observing them today gave me ideas to share with you to help you find last minute Halloween costume ideas. Read below to find 15 easy, creative Halloween costume ideas that can be used to put together last minute costumes…

  1. Where’s Waldo:  Red and white hat, a red and white striped shirt, black shorts, and black knee socks.  Students would pass the student in the hall and call out, “I found Waldo!”
  2. Little Girl Beauty Contestant:  Little Girl looking dress, grown up hair, lots of make up.
  3. Big Girl Beauty Contest Winner:  Grown up girl evening attire and hair, lots of make up, trophy, and ribbon across her dress.
  4. Cross Country Runner:  Running shorts, tank top, sweat band, running shoes, number pinned to shirt.
  5. Pirate Girl:  Skirt, boots, blousey blouse, bandanna, big hoop earrings, eye patch, gold chains, bag of gold covered chocolate coins.
  6. Gypsy Girl:  Black shirt, multi-chain belt draped across skirt from waist to hip, bandanna, big earrings, lots of bangle bracelets, tambourine, makeup.
  7. Angel Football Player:  Football shirt over shoulder pads, wings attached to back, gold halo around his head, black make-up around eyes.
  8. Chinese Take-Out Carton:  Cardboard box, metal handle, painted white, Fried Rice on the outside.
  9. Big, Bad Mamma:  Spiked colored hair, dark eye make-up, red lipstick, and “pregnancy” padding under big shirt and jacket, jeans, boots.
  10. Weatherman:  Dark suit with lightning bolts, rain drops, snow flakes, and sun hanging from the suit, carrying umbrella.
  11. Scuba Diver:  Wetsuit with top hanging from waist, T-shirt, Goggles.
  12. Care Bear:  Fleece lined sweats inside out, design on front representing the bear, headband with ears to match suit, carrying a Care Bear.

More Easy Halloween Costume ideas:

  • Character in a Child’s Story:  Put together a costume, carry the book with you.
  • Runway Model: Put together a fashionable outfit, walk like a runway model.
  • Old Hag Housewife:  Wear cheap house dress, messy hair (or wig) in curlers, pipe hanging from mouth, slippers, rouge on cheeks, carry whatever you like.
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My costume?  I may be a Nana who dresses like a teenager…from the back, I’ll look like a young girl, but when I turn around…surprise!….an old Nana with blacked-out teeth, wrinkles, wart on my nose….but who knows?  It will be a last minute Halloween costume creation, so I might come up with something I hadn’t planned on.

Happy Halloween!