Grandparents, the web is a great source for free grandchildren friendly items that promote family fun, crafts, health, safety, and cooking with kids. Here is a list of 10 free offers for your grandchildren from some of those sites:

  1. Child Safety Kit: order, Polly Klaas Foundation
  2. Fit for Kids DVD: order, Agency for Healthcare and Research
  3. You Can Be a Nurse Coloring Book: order, Johnson & Johnson promotes nursing careers
  4. Kids’ Pop-up Art Projects: online directions, Great fun activity with a Grandparent!
  5. Million Dollar Bills: free samples
  6. Free Recipes Kids Can Cook:  from and birthday ideas, too!
  7. Free Kids Holiday Crafts: from
  8. Free Chore Charts: choose from many
  9. Free Printable Charts for Children:  a large selection for all ages
  10. Free Growth Chart for Kids: color this growth chart from

Bonus!  Free Online Games

  1. Cartoon Network: free online games – try GrumbleGum
  2. Play Hub:  over 1000 free online games
  3. Girls Go Games: free games for girls
  4. Dress Up Girl:  free online girls’ fashion game
  5. Wired Arcade:  1759 free online games

Free e-Cards, too!

  1. – free e-cards
  2. Blue Mountain – free e-cards
  3. Free animated e-cards for kids – free e-cards
  4. – find free e-cards
  5. – lots of free stuff to print

Enjoy all this free stuff with your grandchildren. This free stuff list was updated 11-16-2009.