How to Play Poker Online

Playing poker can be a positive experience as the French learned when they first played it and now we modern game players can play poker en ligne (means online poker). Oui, I know a little francais.

As I ended my last post on online poker, I said I’d be back after learning more about how to play online poker. But, to understand how to play poker online, I first need to learn how to play poker. I’m the type who likes to read the end of the mystery after reading a few chapters…then return to where I left off and be able to pick up on the subtle clues provided by the author. I like to see the whole picture before I learn how the parts create it.

Learn the Vocabulary

In keeping with character, as I began researching more about playing basic poker, I skipped ahead to learning how to play Texas Hold Em. Every other word was a “poker” term; I became lost after reading just a few sentences. So to start, I need to approach learning to play poker as I would help my students learn a new skill – by first learning the vocabulary. Once that is mastered, 5-Card Stud appears realtively easy to learn.

Home Games to Improve Your Skills

I’ve discovered that online poker sites have what they call home games, such as home games pokerstars. What you do is download the software, join or create your own poker club with your friends, and have fun playing at your own level of skill. As a home games member you have the freedom to choose the game type, poker game schedule, and the buy-in amount…do they allow pennies?

Well, before I play poker online, I think I’ll invite some grandparent friends over for my own poker home game and take my chances playing against them first.