Grandparents Diamond Poem
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Easy to Create Fun Shape Grandparents’ Day Poems.

Scannable Document on Jul 31, 2016, 8_37_19 PM (2) Grandparents’ Day is always the Sunday after Labor Day. Grandchildren love creating gifts for their grandparents. They can have fun and learn some parts of speech as they create Grandparents’ Day poems.

One easy, fun poem for grandchildren to write is the Diamond Poem. How to instructions are listed below with an example to help as a guide. You are welcome to download the printable Diamond Poem template for your children to use.

What is a Diamond Poem?

Also known as diamante—pronounced dee-uh-mahn-tay, was introduced by Iris Tiedt in A New Poetry Form: The Diamante (1969).

The Diamond Poems consists of:

  • 7 lines composed of single words
  • synonym or antonym diamond poems
  • pre-skills: synonym, antonym, noun, adjective, adverb

Diamond Poem Instructions:

To complete your Diamond Poem, follow these instructions.

  • 1st and 7th lines are both a single noun, but opposites of each other (Nana, Emily)
  • 2nd and 6th lines are filled in with two adjectives each – 2 describe line 1 noun (Nana) and 2 that describe line 7 noun (Emily)
  • 3rd and 5th lines each have three verbs – line 3 refers to line 1 noun (Nana), line 5 refers to line 7 noun (Emily)
  • 4th line has four nouns written on the lines - tell what the line 1 (Nana) and line 7 (Emily) both like
  • Optional: Place a picture of Grandma and Me over Groovy Granny!
  • Resources: Ken Nesbitt’s; Parts of Speech (

Download Your Workbook Templates

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