grandparents dayGrandparents Day has been celebrated by grandparents and grandchildren together on the first Sunday after Labor Day in September since 1978. Grandparents Day was created to bring the generations closer together through bonding activities, whether together or through long distance communication.

Are you looking for grandparent poems and fun things for grandparents and grandchildren to do on Grandparents Day? Do you need some last minute ideas for Grandparents Day such as handprint poems and handmade gifts? Since Grandparents Day is almost here, that doesn’t leave much time so I’ve searched through my website to put together a Grandparents Day Directory to help you find grandparent poems for grandma and granddad, grandparent and grandchildren activities whether near or far, and some easy homemade or purchased gift ideas for the grandkids to make. Happy Grandparents Day!

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grandparents giftsThe perfect gift for Grandparents Day is from the heart, whether purchased or handmade. This Precious Moments cutie says it all!

Grandparents Day Gift from Grandchildren

Here is a quick and easy Grandparents Day gift for the grandparents:

  • choose one of the grandparent poems with your child
  • copy and paste into Word – change font, size, color as desired
  • glue photos of the grandchildren around the poem
  • place the poem page in an attractive frame
  • gift wrap it in a bright and cheery gift bag with a homemade heart card (see below)

Grandparents never have enough photos of their grandchildren. This gift is something they can enjoy every day they aren’t visiting with their grandchildren.

Suggest to the grandparents that they do the same so the grandchildren will feel connected to them, especially if they aren’t able to visit often. Grandchildren hold their grandparents’ photos while they chat on their computers or phone.

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