Happy Grandparents Day!

When is Grandparents Day?

Our family actually celebrated National Grandparents Day the Sunday of Labor Day weekend instead of the designated first Sunday after Labor Day (US) or the first Sunday in October (Canada). Our family celebrated Grandparents Day with good old fashioned food and fun that Poppy and I enjoyed as young kids, too!

Celebrate Grandparents Day Together With Grandkids

Poppy and I enjoy being with our kids and grandkids, and that’s enough for us. No gift can replace the kisses, hugs, and laughter. These memories are the gifts that we can take with us everywhere and always.

We made our Grandparents Day a good old fashioned BBQ with grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, Jersey corn-on-the-cob, pickles, and our family’s traditional cole slaw (which I finally made to taste like my late mother-in-law’s). We later enjoyed brownies and ice cream…then roasted marshmallows later in the evening. Nothing fancy, but a day we’ll always remember.

I asked everyone to bring an outdoor game so Grandparents Day became our family’s Game Day which we will continue through the years. During the afternoon, we played bocce ball, horseshoes, wiffle ball, catch, and frisbee (dogs too). And in between, the kids swung high on their swings, slid down the slide, rode bikes, and swam in our kid safe pool.

Celebrate Disney Grandparents

Celebrate Disney Grandparents and Yours on National Grandparents Day But, before you take a look, can you name 10 Disney Grandparents? As you visit the page, think…do any of the Disney grandparents remind you of yours?

Grandparents Day Celebration Ideas

For other ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day, besides the ones found on NanasCorner.com, visit the sites listed below. I think you’ll like what you find

Any day can be Grandparents Day, it doesn’t have to be only one specific day for grandparents and grandchildren to show appreciation for each other. Enjoy!