What To Do With Your Grandchildren This Summer

Are you wondering what to do with your young grandchildren this summer?

I recommend visiting a sprayground for safe waterpark fun for grandparents and grandchildren together during the hot summer months. Spraygrounds are especially safe for toddlers’ outdoor water fun.

And what is a “sprayground,” you ask? A Sprayground as a form of safe, water fun is a relatively new concept first appearing in 2006. It’s a playground for ages toddler through 12 that uses water to create an experience for your grandchildren that is both refreshing and entertaining at zero inches depth. Spraygrounds feature a rubber matting so grandchildren won’t stub their toes or skin their knees, since small grandchildren find it necessary to run even when told not to run on wet surfaces! Grandparents, wear your bathing…you’ll want to get sprayed, too!

To find a sprayground near you, do a web search for your county or state along with the keyword “sprayground”.  Some spraygrounds are located in already existing waterparks, others can be found in town, city, or county parks. Recently, children’s attractions have added spraygrounds for added summer fun, such as Storybook Land in Egg Harbor, NJ. Dallas, Texas, alone, has 5! Some spraygrounds charge an admission fee while others are free. Always check for days and hours of operation.

Here is a partial listing of Spraygrounds – please send me info on ones in your area to be added here.

New Jersey

Pebbleflex Sprayground, Asbury Park – New! – opening summer of 2009
On the Boardwalk

Sprinkler Park, Union City
33rd & New York Avenue
View Map

Madison Street Park, Hoboken
3rd and Madison Streets

View Map

Dorbrook Recreation Area, Colts Neck
209 County Route 537
(our favorite)
View Map

Lyndhurst Town Park, Lyndhurst
367 Valley Brook Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ

New York

Basketball and tennis courts, softball field, fishing pier, boat ramp, showers and picnic area, water spray park; extended pool pass available for a fee, food, music, playgrounds, turf field