Grandparents and grandchildren, Nana’s Corner has discovered a wonderful digital photo software free download for you to check out! Grandparents, you can create custom personalized digital photo books at for your grandchildren. Grandchildren, you can create custom personalized digital photo books for your grandparents. Even better yet, create memory books together! 

If my children read this: HINT! HINT! … I’d love a Nana Brag Book and I’m sure Poppy would just love one, too! (a great project for the three of you and the girls!)

Not only can you create photo books with themes for pregnancy, brag book, Baby Photo Book, ABC, family vacations, graduations, holidays, and much more including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents, you can also design custom cards.

Our Kaitlin’s 7th birthday is in one month – I’m going to make a memory book for her with pictures of her wonderful 7 years with Nana and Poppy, including other family members and friends, of course.

How do you get started with Picaboo Photo Books? Here’s what you need to do:

1. click on the link above or below
2. download the free software
3. customize your book with just a few clicks
4. choose backgrounds, page layouts, themes, custom photo book covers
5. easily drag and drop those many digital photos you have stored on your computer…using StoryFlow
6. use photo tools to enhance your pictures
7. visit the idea center and online resources to help you get creative
8. add journaling and captions to add details to the photos
9. enjoy your favorite soundtrack to get in the mood while creating your picaboo photo book
10. visit the site through the link below to learn more and to download the free software

Get started now to create Holiday Presents for friends and family!
Just got an idea! I’m going to make a 40-year memory book for our anniversary in October…and then there’s our pet, Buddy, and…well, the ideas for photo books are endless!