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I’ve found a fun green living activity you can enjoy with your grandchildren creating a 3-minute video that promotes helping the environment. The possibility of winning the grand prize of $5,000 just adds to the fun and excitement!

Have you taught and encouraged your grandchildren to do things to save the environment such as recycle, turn off the lights when not being used, use canvas bags rather than plastic bags, use eco-friendly products, etc.? If so, pick up your video camera or video phone and take a 3-minute video of your grandchildren and you or your family showing ways that you help save our environment by living green such as the videos “Just Fight Bag” or “High School 1 Go Green Clean Up Team” found on the following link – When submitting a video not only are you encouraging others to be green, but you also are entering for a chance to win a cash prize of $5,000.00. The deadline to register is April 1, 2009.

Here’s more information about the video contest: Issues Global Call for Green Solutions on a Scale of One
$5,000 Prize for Video Best Articulating Personal Action for Living Green, the online community for sustainable living, today issued a global call for personal green solutions. The Just Do One organization is collecting the best ideas for more sustainable living, summarized in three-minute YouTube-style videos, and sharing them free with the interested community worldwide. The best green living video entry, as judged by the community and an expert panel, wins a $5,000 cash prize.

“We have created an active community on, sharing the best green living ideas from around the country and around the world about changes people are making to help the environment and live more sustainability,” noted Tom Foerstel of Foerstel Design, co-founder on the project with Greg Horn and fellow Foerstel associate, Tom Donahoe. “We believe that great green ideas are contagious and it doesn’t matter if you shoot them on a video camera or a cell phone or animate them in Flash. It’s the ideas that matter. helps by giving you information, resources, and links to music, graphics, and images you can use to tell your story.”

Video entries up to three minutes in length are being accepted from January 1 to April 1, 2009. Read the rules for details.

If you are wondering “What can I do?” Visit It is a great green living site that has a wealth of easily actionable green ideas, from the people who know best – the sustainable green living community.

“One person’s actions can make a difference,” said Douglas Horn, independent film-maker and collaborator on the project, “and one person’s idea for greener living, told in a compelling video, might inspire hundreds or even thousands of others. We quickly realized that the only way to get the very best thinking and make a real difference quickly was to open up the doors to the entire community.”

If you ever wanted to save the world, here’s your chance.

Get started.

Just Do One.