Not sure what to give your grandparents in the way of grandparent gifts? As grandparents age, they often like to downsize. Accumulating grandparent gifts throughout the year does not make that easy for grandparents. So what is an adult grandchild to do when a special occasion calls for gift giving?

10 Tips How to Choose Grandparent Gifts

When grandchildren take time to choose just the right grandparent gifts, their grandparents know. Grandparents, just like everyone else need to feel special, appreciated, and most importantly…loved. Here are some tips on how to choose perfect, or near perfect, grandparent gifts…

    1. Remember your grandparents on Grandparents Day. Because it isn’t a holiday, grandchildren often forget to honor their grandparents in some special way.
    2. Most grandparents would feel more comfortable knowing their grandchildren didn’t spend a lot on their grandparent gifts.
    3. It IS the thought that counts, and just thinking of them is what is important. A special gift is a symbol of your thinking they are special.

  1. Make a list of your grandparent’s interests. Next, Google each interest + gifts for suggestions. (I just Googled gardening + gifts. Google gave me over 25 million choices! To narrow your choices, use quotes as in “gardening + gifts” = 351,000. Be even more specific: “gardening + unusual gifts” = 4,720 results. That narrows it down some!
  2. Also put together a list of things your grandparent doesn’t like. Example might be that your grandparent likes gardening, but has trouble bending or kneeling. This time I searched for gardening + gifts + tables. This is an unusual combination so I left off the quotation marks. From the 3,900,000+ selections, I found attractive terrariums at on the first page.
  3. Grandparent gifts don’t have to be things. My children have a 94-year-old step-grandmother who enjoys having lunch at a restaurant by the ocean (which is easy for them because we live near the beach. But, my step-mother doesn’t like to drive to far away from home and for her, that is too far.
  4. Is there someone your grandparent misses? Promise to take your grandparent to see an old friend or family member that they haven’t been able to visit in a while. If the visit is too far away or tiring, do a video chat using a computer, laptop, or iphone. Too far away to visit with your grandparents yourself, take the time to call without being interrupted or rushed.
  5. In addition to all of the above, a letter or special greeting card is always a hit. Grandparents love to display these so that others can see that someone is thinking of them. And, by having them where they can enjoy them, they can be reminded too.
  6. Whether you are together, on the phone or computer, writing a letter, email, or card – include many fond memories that you two shared together. Remember to share some things that are current with you so they can feel a part of your life.
  7. When searching for special grandparent gifts, allow plenty of time to find that special gift for your special grandparent. You don’t want your gift to your grandparent to give that impression.

For suggestions on grandparent gifts from the youngest grandchildren or great-grandchildren, consider choosing from 10 Handprint Poems for Grandparents to frame and give as keepsakes that will be cherished.