Poems about grandmothers…What comes to mind when you think of Grandmother? Remembering Grandmother hugs and kisses, love, cookies, stories, treasures, and so much more.

My granddaughters love to hear stories about my grandmother who lived to be 94. I wish I had known more about her life, like having 12 aunts and uncles – her mother’s siblings all born in Ireland, except for her mother. This I learned while researching my family tree through Ancestry.com. If I had the chance I would ask, “Why did you move from Massachusetts to teach school in Newark, New Jersey?” “How did you meet my grandfather?”, and so many more questions. But I digress…

Poems About Grandmothers

Grandchildren hold onto memories of their grandparents forever. Sharing poems about grandmothers is the perfect way to show the love, in the present or as a memorial.

What I want to share with you is that I believe it is also important for Grandmothers to keep a journal sharing memories that we hold onto, what helped to shape who we are, how we met Grandpa, and lots of special moments with our children – their parents. I find myself enjoying moments with my grandchildren which spur past memories of their parents. I think these should be entered into Grandmother’s Journal, too. Grandchildren need to know, too, how much we love them and what makes them special to their Grandmother. Writing grandchildren poems into the journal can become something your grandchildren can someday share with their grandchildren.

Grandmother Hugs and Grandmother Kisses

Grandmother hugs and Grandmother kisses,
Hot oven cookies and holiday wishes,
Attics with treasures of children grown old,
Stories of magic and princes so bold,
Oceans of patience and rainbows of love,
A bright ray of sunshine sent from above,
You stirred my childhood with rich, golden days,
Touching my life in so many ways.
When shadows are dark,
I reach through the night,
The love of a Grandmother shines like a light.

…Author Unknown

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