Grandmother to granddaughter wedding poem gift idea will become a wedding keepsake that a granddaughter will always cherish…for the “something new.”

Grandmothers, are you looking for a special wedding poem and a keepsake gift to give to your granddaughter? I have a suggestion for giving your granddaughter bride-to-be two gifts in one.

Grandmother to Granddaughter Wedding Poem Gift Idea

Do you think a granddaughter bride might love receiving a new, white handkerchief with lace trim with a special wedding poem from her grandmother embroidered on it? I do…  This wedding shower poem gift idea offers loving advice from grandmother to granddaughter given to the bride a few days or weeks before her special day.

This unique wedding poem gift idea will give your granddaughter something to keep with her on her wedding day. The wedding handkerchief will also give her a keepsake to pass on to her granddaughter for her wedding day…the “something old.”

Wedding Bells are Ringing

 As wedding bells are ringing
you’ve had so much to do…
from addressing invitations
to finding something blue.

As the details now are finished,
take some time to just relax.
Enjoy these last few weeks,
they’ll go by oh so fast!

This hanky is a keepsake
that’s from my heart to yours
to remind you of your (Nana’s) love
as you open your life’s doors.

May these next few weeks be filled with
happiness and cheer,
and may the love you know today
grow deeper every year.
Bless you on your wedding
and for many, many years to come.

 ~ Author Unknown ~

Take the poem to a local embroidery shop so you can choose the perfect hanky design to hold your special granddaughter wedding poem gift for her wedding day.