Thank You, Grandma – a grandmother from granddaughter poem. Sometimes we think we always have tomorrow to say thank you or I love you to our grandparents, parents, children, friends…. But, eventually, we may run out of tomorrows.

I always thought there would be tomorrow. I put off what I wanted to say, but I never got the chance with three people very dear to me.

Grandmother From Granddaughter Poem

One was my grandmother, she was living in a nursing home. I was pregnant with my first child when my grandmother became ill with the flu. They wouldn’t let me visit her. She was 94 and didn’t have the strength to recover. I never had the chance to say goodbye. I wish I had sent her a grandmother from granddaughter poem telling her how important she was to me and I will always carry her in my heart.

So, now I say “I love you” everyday and I take the time to wave goodbye from the door…or when I think of someone close to my heart, I pick up the phone even if it is to just say “Hi, I was thinking of you.”

Take the time to say thank you, I love you, or just call, email, or text someone you care about each and everyday…so you, too, won’t have regrets.

Our grandmothers have loved us, cared for us, been there for us no matter what has been…they have more love than we can imagine, until we become grandmothers ourselves. If you can’t tell your grandmother often enough how you love and appreciate her, send her a grandmother from granddaughter poem. You can be sure she will keep it close by and in her heart, wherever she is.

Thank You, Grandmother

Thank you, Grandmother,
Childhood memories come to mind
Loving ones are not difficult to find.

The moment we spent together
Will always be special, Grandmother
Thank you for your comfort and warmth,
For being there, when I needed you the most.

~ Author Unknown ~

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