What do you remember Grandma’s cookbook? I recently received a grandma’s cookbook poem shown below from one of my poetry contributors. So many memories came back to me about my grandma, just as it did for my children when I showed it to them.

My children remember their grandma’s old cookbook, worn and spotted from many uses. That was back when everything was made fresh and from scratch. We learned by watching our grandmas cooking and baking, the loving aromas seeping into our hearts. On the counter would be grandma’s cookbook, but did you ever notice that she rarely looked at it or measured the ingredients? A dash of this and a pinch of that, pour in and now stop, stir until I say it’s good…she would tell us as we learned from Grandma’s old cookbook.

Grandma’s Cookbook Poem

I love this poem, Grandma’s Old Cookbook, by contributor Jane-Ann Heitmeuller. It brings a warm, fuzzy feeling and lots of special memories of my patient grandma teaching me to cook as we chatted about whatever was important to this young girl at the time. This grandma’s cookbook poem is a metaphor for grandma, as you’ll realize in the last lines…

Grandma’s Old Cookbook

My grandma’s old cookbook is aged and forlorn.
The pages are grease stained, each faded and worn.
The spine is collapsed and the cover’s askew,
revealing, in no way, what this book could do.
A barrel of cookies, sweet, fresh lemonade,
roasts, casseroles, salads this ancient book made.
It brought love and caring to both young and old,
delivering happiness not bought or sold.
Its owner and user breathed life to this book,
by sharing herself with each recipe cooked.
True gifts from her heart were delivered with love,
presented on earth for her Father above.
Her gentle, sweet kindness was blended with care.
A silent reminder that she had been there
to welcome your newborn…
to ease every ill…
true unselfish gestures of love and goodwill.
So don’t be deceived by the physical book,
but rather… rejoice in the wonderful cook.
Just cherish and honor each frayed, weathered page,
for pure, loving kindness has brought forth its age.

by Jane-Ann Heitmeuller

Old-fashioned applesauce cake (similar to the recipe in the image above) with the aroma of spices coming from the oven fills a home with love and comfort. Enjoy this recipe for Grandma’s Old-Fashioned Applesauce Cake.

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