Does Grandma need a new tote bag to carry her goodies in when she goes to the store, gym, beach, or visiting her grandchildren?  Is Grandma a teacher going back to school? Then I know she’d love this Grandma’s Bag! I’m going back to school this week and will miss my grandchildren so very much! This bag would give me the warm fuzzies when I would need a hug until I see them again.

Here is the wonderful poem for Grandma on the front of the bag with an adorable huggable Teddy bear. Who could not love this?

A Million Hugs: Grandma’s Hug Bag

In this bag, we’ve placed a million hugs
They’re especially for you
So you can feel us snuggle you
Whenever you feel blue
Because even though we’d love to
We don’t see you everyday
So if you take a hug out of your bag
We’re never far away

Grandma Hugs Plural Verse Tote Bag

 Of course, we must have a Million Hugs Nana Tote Bag, too!

And another nice thing about this bag, the proceeds help to support A Million Hugs For a Million People and A Million Dollars Charity. Your purchase will change many lives.